Brick Slip & Tile Mortar


Each bag of our Lime Pointing Mortar covers approximately 3.5m2 of Brick Slips.

Our Natural Pointing Mortar is a pre mixed natural hydraulic lime and sand mortar, designed for installing brick slips and brick tiles, we offer this fabulous pointing mortar in our Natural Chalk Colour, which is specifically designed to give your brick slips that authentic appearance.

  • Available in Classic Chalk colour for a genuine look.
  • Frost resistant
  • Suitable for: Brick Slips,Brick Tiles and natural stone
  • Can be used with external wall installation systems
  • Extended workability
  • External / internal use
  • 25kg paper bag
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Brick Slip & Brick Tile Pointing Mortar.

The perfect addition to any project to give you that finishing touch, by using our specially blended Lime pointing mortar instead of the boring old sand and cement look.

Using our lime based pointing mortar saves time and money on your installation, it is supplied ready blended and mixed so you just need to add water!

  • Typically 5x faster than traditionally pointing with sand and cement utilising the trowel method.
  • Designed to be both gun injected and hand applied.
  • Lime based not cement based – which allows the mortar to remain flexible throughout its whole life span.
  • Suitable for both internal and external applications.
  • Available in our bespoke Chalk colour to add the light and airy feel to any project, instead of the dull grey of normal sand and cement mortar.
  • Available in 25kg bags, no pre mixing required – consistent colour time after time, bag after bag.


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