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Brick Slip Perfection

Brick Slips are now being considered for a range of projects as they are continuing to grow in popularity. Whether it’s homeowners looking to change the appearance of their home or architects looking for something unique, there is no denying that brick slips are ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

What they offer is a simple solution to creating a unique appearance without the hassle of installing real brick. Bricks have a natural charm and beauty because they have a wonderful texture and finish that appeals to the senses and this is what brick slips offer. When used as cladding, they deliver an excellent finish and transform any space or property quickly and easily while also helping to keep costs down. With this in mind, there are many reasons why people choose to use brick slips but we think there are four main reasons as to why you would opt to use them, so let’s take a look below.

Interior Brick Slips UK

Brick Slips Look Amazing

We might be biased but the popularity of brick slips and the increasing number of people who are purchasing suggests that we are right when it comes to understanding just how beautiful they are. Whether you have a modern property or a traditional property, brickwork is almost timeless and with that comes an element of character, all of which adds to the look of the property whether it is inside or out.

With the natural origins of brick and clay, it means that every brick takes on a unique appearance and individuality but when they come together they work well together. With varying brick bond patterns and designs, buildings that would often take time to build because of their complexities can be completed quicker. Along with this, they will also look absolutely stunning, regardless of the style you go for.

Brick Slips - Brick Tiles Installed In Barber Shop

They Come With Environmental Benefits

More and more people are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change and emissions. As a result, the construction industry is looking at new ways in which it can become more environmentally friendly. As a result, architects and clients are seeking new alternatives and options that enable them to achieve their desired look but without the impact on the environment.

The great thing about brick slips is that they use less materials which means that the manufacturing process is a lot quicker and less intensive. This ensures that it becomes a greener way of designing and styling a property. 

They Come with Practical Benefits

Whether it’s externally or internally, they offer an excellent level of practicality. When installed correctly and externally, they provide an excellent level of durability and versatility. They behave in exactly the same way as standard bricks, which means that they will age in the same way. These small changes in the brickwork will give building character and a new level of appeal. Brick slips are also brilliant for those areas that are difficult to access such as those areas where a bricklayer might struggle to lay. Therefore, slip panels can be pre-built and then fixed in position.

They are Versatile

While they make a property look great, brickslips are not just used externally. They can be used internally and in any interior space, helping to create a unique look that really stands out. Whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, fireplace or bedroom, they give you a choice that really does make a difference and lets you become creative too. You will find that we have a wide range of styles and textures available, enabling you to make any space your own.

The great thing about brickslips is their ability to be used in many different ways. Possessing all of the same qualities as real bricks, they are certain to offer the same possibilities but also come with their own benefits and that’s why we believe they are a great choice.

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