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Grey Brick Slips

Grey Brick Slips

Grey Brick Slips


Our Grey Brick Slips come in a wide range of choices from deep greys and rustic mixes to light and airy greys for those looking for a neutral finish within their home. Like all of our Brick Slips, our Grey Brick Slips are manufactured from real clay bricks. Our parent company (TBS Cladding) is one of the UK’s largest brick importers, which gives us direct access to the best and most popular bricks on the market. With these bricks we create this stunning range of Grey Brick Slips along with many others in our Standard Brick Slips.

Grey Brick Slips are becoming more and more popular with the modern trend of neutral colour schemes. With this in mind we have created this collection of Grey Brick Slips to ensure we have a style, texture and size to suit all designs within the home. To help you make the right choice, along with all of our Brick Slips we also offer two free sample panels of our Grey brick Slips to allow you to make an informed decision on what works best for you and your home.

As the largest provider of Grey Brick Slips, we are committed to providing the best grey brick slips and best customer service possible, our online reviews and reputation will support these claims and we welcome you to try us out first. Unlike other suppliers, we don’t use pressed clay, concrete or plaster to make our brick slips. We simply cut the facings of real bricks so you can be sure our quality will match that of only the very best house bricks.

Our Grey Brick Slips have no usage limitations and can be used throughout the home wether that is inside or outside. Our Brick Slips have the same properties of your general house brick which means they are completely frost resistant and non-combustible so can be used in areas of extreme heat such as Fireplaces, Log Burners and even Open Fire Chambers so for a Grey Brick Slip there really is no need to look further then Slips From Stock.

Where Can Grey Brick Slips Be Used?



Grey Brick Slips can be used anywhere in your home but one of the most popular areas that people decide to install grey brick slips is in the bathroom. Grey brick slips offer a colour scheme no others can and as it is a mono colour like black and white, they work with any choice of decoration colour therefore becoming a feature of your bathroom. They allow those who choose them to create a place of serenity and relaxation which is of course, what anyone wants from their bathroom.

When choosing Brick Slips for the bathroom ensure that you protect your brick slips as you would anything. To do this we recommend using our brick slip sealer. This sealer will protect your brick slips from being stained from elements such as Shampoo and Soaps. The additional element that must be considered is that Grey Brick Slips are of course, porous as are all brick slips and to prevent water penetrating the surface our Brick Slip sealer is perfect for creating a water protection barrier.



We can’t forget the kitchen when discussing Grey Brick Slips. Like the bathroom and the rest of the home Grey decoration including Grey Brick Slips “just work” no matter the countertop or cupboard colour, grey brick slips will naturally blend and hold their own in your kitchen. We all love to entertain be that dinner parties or a gossip over a cup of tea and there is no place better then the kitchen for that which is why Kitchens are perfect for Grey Brick Slips. Our Brick Slips come with many different textures and tones so be sure to heck out our samples before making a larger purchase.

The kitchen (very smilier to the bathroom) is subject to spills, splashes and water therefore we recommend protecting your Grey Brick Slips with the use of our Brick Slip Sealer. The sealer has been designed to protect Brick Slips from stains such as oil, grease and wine. The main benefit of using this is because brick is not easy to clean, it is a heavily textured decoration material. and cleaning is not an easy task. By using the sealer there is no need to try and scrub stains away.


Feature Walls

The most popular use for Grey Brick Slips is for feature walls, almost everyone has one wether that is paint, panel, wood strips or our favourite – Grey Brick Slips. A feature wall is used to break up a room and create a focal point. Usually the centre piece of the room, Grey Brick Slips will highlight the rest of your decoration.

Where you use Grey Brick Slips and the placement of the feature wall doesn’t matter. Our brick slips can be used anywhere within the home so if you choose to have a Brick Slip Feature Wall along the stairs, porch, washroom, hallway or chimney breast. The Grey Brick Slips will be able to withstand all the daily elements better then any other wall covering.

Many customers choose us to supply them with the perfect Grey Brick Slips to create a feature within their home. This is mainly due to the variation we are able to provide. Clicking below will take you to our range of grey brick slip sand form there you can see all the different tones and shades of grey we offer with our Brick Slips.

When it comers to choosing the perfect Grey Brick Slips for your feature wall, we recommend first ordering samples of our brick slips. Once you have your samples and you have made your choice it is now about working out exactly what you need. We appreciate that not every feature wall is a plain flat wall which is why we offer corners, stretchers and headers to compliment our Grey Brick Slips to ensure you get complete coverage and are left with no areas that can not be covered.



We can’t leave extensions out and that is because many customer ordering our Grey Brick Slips are doing so to complete their extension wether that is inside as a feature wall or externally to actually clad the extension. With housing prices up and down more people are extending rather then moving.

Many home owners now choose for the cheaper and quicker option of having an extension that is pre fabricated wether that is made from steel or timber, you will face the issue of not managing to get a consistent finish with the rest of your home. If your home ig Grey Bricked, you can use our Grey Brick Slips to match your existing home. with depths varying from just 14mm thick to 20mm thick. just 1/3 the size of normal brick you can easily clad these extensions with our brick slips to give it a brick finish, without the expense of a brick built extension.



Wether it is a full chimney breast or an insert for your log burner, our Grey Brick Slips can give your fireplace the perfect finish. Brick Slips are traditionally associated with fireplaces and that connection still stay strong. All of our Grey Brick Slips are Fire Rated A1 which means that are non-combustible and can be used in high heat areas.

They can be used to over clad existing brick work or to create your first ever brick fireplace. As with all of our brick slips, our grey brick slips come with shape options such as corners, stretchers and headers to allow you to clad every element without restriction. We are even able to offer specially cut Grey Brick Slips if needed.

What are the benefits of our Grey Brick Slips?


  • Versatile – One of the most important factors to consider is where you are using your Grey Brick Slips? We have designed our brick slips to be incredibly versatile and we do that by ensuring consistency. For example, you can be sure that all of our Grey Brick Slips have been cut from real clay bricks and are not of sub quality such as plaster or concrete brick slips.


  • Brick Texture – A major factor and the most popular question “do they feel like real brick” Yes! As our Grey Brick Slips are cut from real bricks they feel exactly like brick, their is no difference just our brick slips are a lot thinner and lighter then a real brick. There is no product that can compare to the real thing.


  • Easy To InstallGrey Brick Slips could not be any easier to install, think of them as tiles and that is exactly what you have! Our Grey Brick Slips are installed using adhesive and then pointed using brick pointing mortar this gives you the exact same finish as a real brick wall. We find that most of our customer base tend to DIY their install of brick slips due to how easy it is and all the accessories we provide.


  • 25 Year Warranty – We are the first and only brick slip supplier to be able to brag about this! All of our brick slips come with a 25 Year warranty and we can offer that as we are the manufacturer, cutter and supplier. Quality of our Grey Brick Slips is very important to us and we ensure our quality is consistent. we also offer a 25 Year Warranty on all of our Brick Slips (not just our Red Brick Slips) we supply a 25 Year Warranty on our Brick Tiles when installed using our range of tried and tested accessories.


  • Grey Brick Slips Choice – No one wants just one option, it’s great to compare to amazing products with each other, which is why we offer almost 8 different Grey Brick Slip options. And within those options all customers can order two free sample panels. As well as our Grey Brick Slips, we have a total collection of over 35 Different Brick Slips.


  • Almost no maintenance – Would you clean the bricks on your house? Probably not and that’s exactly the case with our Grey Brick Slips! They require little to no maintenance to keep them beautiful. For areas such as Kitchens and Bathrooms, we recommend using our Brick Slip Sealer to protect against splashes and stains and to also waterproof them (where needed)

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