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Brick Slips for Property Developers

As the largest stockist of brick slips in the UK, regularly carrying over 1 million brick tiles in stock at any one time, we have helped hundreds of property developers source the correct brick slip for their developments. Carry on reading to find out why brick slips are ideal for your projects and how we can specifically help you.

Key Features of Brick Slips for Property Developers:

If you are new to brick slips you may not know just how fantastic they are. Here are the key advantages to using these in your development(s).

  • Versatile design

    Regardless of what aesthetic you are trying to achieve in your property, there will be a perfect brick slip for you. From modern, clean brick slips that set off any new build to rustic, characterful ones that are perfect for any traditional setting.

  • Colour and finish options

    There’s so many colour and finish options available, it’s hard not to get carried away!

  • Better insulation

    Compared with other tiled solutions, brick tiles are more insulated thanks to their additional thickness. This makes for a cosier and more efficient room.

  • Easy to install

    Essentially the process of fitting brick slips is very similar to tiling, only easier. This makes them easy to install, reducing the amount of trade time spent.

Our Brick Slips

With the largest stockholding of brick slips in the UK, we have a fantastic range to choose from. All our products are cut from genuine hand made clay bricks from Europes leading brick factories and are suitable for use around log burners, stoves, kitchen hobs. All our brick tiles are suitable for Internal or External uses and are fully frost resistant! You can have complete peace of mind knowing that our brick slips have a lifetime guarantee.

Free Samples

We are the only manufacturer to offer free of charge samples for our brick tiles! We do not charge for the sample, or the delivery! Just high quality free of charge samples delivered to your door! Delivered within 2-3 working days.

Modern brick slips

Our Modern range of brick tiles offer something slightly different and can be used in a wide range of areas, if you need something a little different then our Modern range of brick slips is for you!

View our modern brick slips
Reclaimed Brick Slips

Reclaimed Brick Slips have stood the test of time, and have endless amounts of character, from the surface textures to the colouration, our Reclaimed brick slips are unsurpassed in quality!

View our reclaimed brick slips

How can we help Property Developers?

We’re incredibly proud of the brick slips and service we offer all our customers, however, many property developers really benefit from the way we operate. Here’s how we do things differently:

  • We are the only company to offer free samples, no delivery charges, no card details, simply free samples of our  brick slips and brick tiles delivered to your door!
  • We do not charge delivery on orders over 10m2, yes that’s right..! Free next day delivery to your door this includes our great range of Brick Slip Adhesive and Brick Slip Mortar and any of our accessories!
  • We are a subsidiary of Traditional Brick and Stone Ltd, one of the largest brick manufacturers and importers in the UK, so rest assured you are in good hands dealing directly with the manufacturer.
  • We Offer the whole package; Brick Slips and Brick Tiles, Brick Slip Adhesive, Brick Slip Mortar, Spacers, And much more!
  • Our full technical team are on standby to give you any technical advice you may need!
  • We also have a Sales team who can work out your requirements from your drawings or photos.
  • Our range includes Handmade Brick Slips, Reclaimed Brick Slips, And Modern Brick Slips, however we have the capabilities to cut any brick into slips or tiles for your project, just give us a call!

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If you have a development project that you’d like our assistance with don’t hesitate to get in touch or order your free samples today.

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