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Red Brick Slips

Red Brick Slips

Red Brick Slips


Welcome to our collection of Red Brick Slips. Within this collection, we offer a stunning range of Red’s, tones and a mixture of textures. From smooth faced to heavily textured and rustic. Our Red Brick Slips are some of our most popular brick slips and all come with a Free Sample option to allow you to view and feel the brick slips before committing to a purchase.

Slips From Stock are committed to providing the best Red Brick Slips at the best possible prices. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our Red Brick Slips have been cut from real clay bricks that we import ourselves. So all of our red brick slips come from stock from one of our sites.

Our Red Brick Slips can be used throughout the home, thanks to their fantastic characteristics, our Red Brick Slips can be used both inside and outside the home, they are completely frost and heat resistant with an A1 fire rating and a R10 Anti Slip rating. Many of our customers choose to use our range of Red Brick Slips for feature walls in their home. Depending on the style you can opt for a modern red brick slip our rustic red brick slip depending on the mood you wish to create.

Where Can Red Brick Slips Be Used?



Our Red Brick Slips are a very popular choose for customers looking to create a very special feature in their bathroom. Basing of the traditional New York Loft finish, more and more home owners are looking to create a rustic yet warming finish in their bathroom and there is no better way of doing so then by using Red Brick Slips. Although our red brick slips can be used in the bathroom, it is important that you seal and protect the brick slips with our brick slip sealer. This layer of protection will prevent staining from limescale and body washes whilst also making the red brick slips waterproof.



Kitchens are a focal point in many homes! Usually the room in which most of the entertaining is done and therefore you should make it stand out. Nothing stands out more then a beautiful red brick wall which is exactly what our Red Brick Slips have been designed for.

Like the bathroom the kitchen is susceptible to staining such as cooking, oil, wine and various other splashes as brick slips are generally low/no maintenance you do not want to be scrubbing brick slips to get them clean. By using our brick slip sealer you can get piece of mind.


Feature Walls

The number one use for our Red Brick Slips is feature walls, this can be anywhere within the home such as a bedroom, office or snug. Many customers choose us to supply them with the perfect Red Brick Slips for their feature wall and it is easy to see why, we have more variation then any other supplier and our quality is second to none thanks to our in-house brick cutters.

When it comers to choosing the perfect Red Brick Slips for your feature wall, we recommend first ordering samples of our brick slips. These samples allow you to see and feel the brick slips before placing a larger order. And the fact Slips From Stock are the only company that provide these Free Of Charge, it shows just how sure we are of the quality of both our Red Brick Slips and our customer service.



Growing more and more popular, customers are looking for ways to keep their extension costs down whilst still creating something that blends in well with the rest of their home. Many home owners are now opting for pre-fabricated extensions such as timber and steel but with this comes the loss of brick. But with Red Brick Slips, this is not the case. Our Red Brick Slips vary from just 14mm thick to 20mm thick. just 1/3 the size of normal brick you can easily clad these extensions with our brick slips to give it a brick finish, without the expense of a brick built extension.

The additional benefit of our Red Brick Slips for extensions is their thermal properties, brick slips add as an insulation element when installed creating a warmer and more energy efficient building.



When you think of Red Brick Slips, you probably think of a stunning brick fireplace creating a focal element in a living room. Any you’re not wrong, many of our customers choose to create or over-clad their chimney with Red Brick Slips to create a rustic and cosy finish within their home. Our Red Brick Slips are perfect for fireplaces including, exposed chambers, electric fires and log burners. All of our Brick Slips are Fire Rated A1 so suitable no matter then fire type and the application.



What are the benefits of our Red Brick Slips?


  • Versatile – Our red brick slips are incredibly versatile and can be used inside and outside the home. Many other suppliers supply pre-cast or plaster brick slips. These are much more restrictive or degrade over time. With our Red Brick Slips being cut from real clay brick you don’t have to worry about this.


  • Brick Texture – Because they are cut from clay brick, our Red Brick Slips of course have the exact texture you would expect to find from real brick. Each of our Red Brick Slips are quality checked as well to ensure you only receive the highest quality of brick slips.


  • Easy To Install – Despite popular belief, Red Brick Slips couldn’t be any easier to install. In fact, most of our customer choose to install their Red Brick Slips themselves. Due to the rustic nature of Red Brick Slips they are forgiving for minor mistakes and are not as hard as porcelain so are much easier to cut.


  • 25 Year Warranty – Yes really! along with many of the things Slips From Stock offer that no one else does such as real clay brick slips, competitive prices and free samples, we also offer a 25 Year Warranty on all of our Brick Slips (not just our Red Brick Slips) we supply a 25 Year Warranty on our Brick Tiles when installed using our range of tried and tested accessories.


  • Choice of Red Brick Slips – When it comes to choice, you really are spoilt. With over 35 different brick slips in total, over 10 of these are within our Red Brick Slip range, Our range of red brick slips are so popular, you will often see other suppliers selling our brick slips.


  • Almost no maintenance – Would you clean the bricks on your house? probably not and that’s exactly the case with our Red Brick Slips! They require little to no maintenance to keep them beautiful. For areas such as Kitchens and Bathrooms, we recommend using our Brick Slip Sealer to protect against splashes and stains and to also waterproof them (where needed)

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