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Brick Slip Calculator

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What will I need for my project?

How much do I need?!?

To calculate the number of brick slips you require, you must first calculate the size off the area you are wanting to cover, this is done by using the below formula;

Length of wall (in meters) x Height of wall (in meters) = Total area in Square meters

You have decided to add a feature wall in your kitchen above your worktops, the Length of the wall is 4.5 meters, and you would like it 0.6meters high;

4.5 x 0.6 = 2.7 square meters .

TIP: When calculating large or complex areas it is easier to break them down into smaller sections and then add all the individual areas up at the end.

Once you know the square meterage that you require, you must add 10% onto this figure to allow for any wastage such as breakages and cuts that you may need preform.

Once you have added 10% onto your square meterage, round the number up to the nearest square meter!

Please remember our brick slips are sold per 1/2m2, so you will require two boxes of slips for every square meter you need!Now that we have calculated your brickslips requirements using our free online brick slip calculator, we need to work out the amount of brickslip adhesive and brickslip mortar you will require;

1 bag of Brickslip Adhesive covers approximately 4m2 of brickslips. 1 bag of Brickslip Mortar covers approximately 3.5m2 of brickslips.

Now you have the exact number of square meters you require, check out our brickslips page for our latest products and offers.


Alternatively if you feel you would benefit from using an approved Installer in your area please check out our Installers page!

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