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Where Can Brick Slips Be Used In The Bathroom?

antique red bathroom brick slips - brick tilesWhere Can Brick Slips Be Fitted In The Bathroom?

The bathroom is a space that we all call our own. Whether it’s hopping into the shower or soaking in the bath, it is a place that offers peace and tranquillity. It is also a place where trends are constantly changing which means that more people are placing a focus on ensuring their bathroom looks the part. Many people might go for basic colours such as greys and whites but why go for standard colours when you have other options?

In general, bathroom brick slips can be used anywhere in the bathroom just consider that in wet areas it is worth sealing brick slips to ensure no water damage.

People tend to add colour by adding towels and other accessories before changing them out for another colour when trends change but how about changing the looks of your walls and the design of them? How about using brick slips to change the space while also creating something that will stand out? Here are trends that are becoming more popular thanks to brick slips.

Using Mirrors to Enhance the Appeal of Brick Slips

Once you have identified which wall you want your brick slips installed on, you can go ahead and begin installing them. However, you can then install a mirror that will help your brick slips to go further. By adding a large mirror opposite your brick slips, you will increase the exposure of your feature wall. It will also add more light and give the space a brighter, more spacious feeling.

Using Different Bond Patterns

One of the most common brick patterns is the standard pattern but you can always try something a little different by being more adventurous. You can add your brick slips in a herringbone pattern, giving your room a completely unique look and feel. When you choose to use a different pattern you are going beyond the design elements of a standard pattern and opting for something more unique.

Add Contrast

Just because you are adding brick slips to your walls, it doesn’t mean that you cannot opt for your traditional white tiles. In fact, if you want to create a contrast look then brick slips and white tiles work perfectly well together. The brick slips are ideal for areas that don’t get wet while the white tiles will be ideal around bath and shower areas. The striking colour of the brick slips and the bright white tiles really bring the space to life.

Add Large Radiators

The reality is that brick slips have an industrial feel to them which means that you can get creative with industrial style fittings and accessories. So, if you opt for large industrial radiators, you will be adding another focal point to your bathroom, all of which will deliver an iconic look that stands out. 

Who says that a bathroom has to be plain and boring? You don’t need to constantly change accessories and waste money on different trends that change year after year. If you choose to add in brick slips to your bathroom, you will be able to create a place that looks incredibly stunning while still offering exceptional functionality.

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