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How Much Do Brick Slips Cost And Their Expense!

Why Are Brick Slips So Expensive?

Well they’re not……Its a comparative measure when asking the question “Are Brick Slips Expensive” In general they are not but compared to lesser materials such as Wallpaper then yes they can seem expensive. As with almost anything in life, Brick Slips are all about quality and in most circumstances the cost of brick slips is dependant on the quality.

Brick Slips are an alternative to real bricks that allow home owners to create a feature brick wall within their home. Wether it be the Kitchen, Bathroom or, Fireplace, brick slips are an easy and cost effective way to get a brick finish without compromising on quality.

For Example our Brick Slips have been cut from real clay bricks. So taking this in to account, you have the cost for the import of the bricks, the storage of the bricks, then the manufacturing cost to cut the facings from the bricks to produce the Brick Slips. After this you then have quality control, packing and shipping. Relatively speaking we sell Brick Slips from just £13.99 per box which cover 0.5m2. There are other websites that buy our brick slips from us and re-sell them at £40+ per box and in this case yes they are expensive.

In addition to these costs you then need to factor in the below:

  • Free Samples
  • Cost To Send Samples
  • Marketing Cost
  • Machine Cost
  • Property Rent
  • Staff Costs
  • Insurance Costs
  • R&D Costs

When considering using Brick Slips in the home and considering the expense of Brick Slips many questions need to be asked and answered by the home owner, such as.

  • Are They High In Quality?
  • How Long Will They Last?
  • Are They Real Or Just Casted Plaster Brick Slips?
  • What Is The Installation Cost Of Brick Slips?
  • What is the Comparative Product Cost?

So Why Are Brick Slips So Expensive? 

For the above reasons. The best way to see the quality yourself is to order some samples.

Only once all the above question have been asked and answered will the realisation come that brick slips really are not all that expensive (certainly ours anyway) You can check out our full range of Brick Slips below and see the great cost yourself.



Are Brick Slips Expensive?

To really see what we mean when it comes to the cost of brick slips compared to other materials below is a breakdown comparing the quality to the cost of other materials or products used to create a feature brick wall.

Brick Slips Vs Brick Wall Paper

This is a very easy comparative measure and for the sake of a fair comparison and to determine the answer to Are Brick Slips Expensive? We are going to go by our average price of £40 per square meter for brick slips. Now Brick Slips are cut from real brick so we take a full house brick, we machine it to cut a slither from the face giving you a 14mm-20mm brick slip. You have the complete texture, look and variation of Brick.

In comparison Brick Wallpaper is £25 per roll. Now with this it is simply paper, you have no texture at all so to look at whilst it may look great from a far, you don’t have the texture. When it comes to maintenance, wallpaper is susceptible to damage wether that be a tear, grease Mark or, water stain etc. None of these would be a concern for Brick Slips. In addition the pattern repeats itself every 50-60cm so there is no variation within the wallpaper. So whilst the cost is less then 1/3 of brick slips, you don’t have the texture, the thermal properties, the variation or an authentic brick finish that you would get with Brick Slips.


Brick Tiles Vs Ceramic Brick Tiles

Again, taking our brick slips and their cost of £40 per meter, the cost for ceramic brick tiles is very similar with an average price of £32.00 with such a close cost you would expect the quality to be the same but it is not. Unlike brick slips, you again forfeit the texture and variation. With some brick tiles you can get a bumpy texture but it is still ceramic which means it is smooth and has a sheen over it. A brick finish should have a rough texture across the face. The other big disadvantage is the visible joins. Brick Tiles tend to interlock which means you will have continuous joins. Lastly unfortunately brick tiles do not offer variation we find that the pattern is repeated every 4-10 tiles spot on a large wall, it is going to look very familiar across the pattern.


Brick Slips Vs Traditional Brick

The cost of Brick Slips is about 30% higher than real brick and this is because the real brick has already been made and manufactured so it can be sent straight to you. To get Brick Slips from the brick they have to be manufactured again to cut the face from the brick and re-packaged which is where the additional cost comes in to play. Having said that, the most obvious reason people choose brick slips over brick is the installation. Bricks are 65mm Thick. Brick Slips are less than 1/3rd of this. In addition you can not just glue a brick to an existing wall, it needs to be built from the ground up. Bricks are not designed for decorative purposes or cladding an existing wall. They are there for home building.

Brick Slips Vs Foam Brick Panels

Growing more in popularity it is the Foam Brick Panels. This is where the question of ” Why Are Brick Slips so Expensive? ” really gets answered. Foam brick panels have been designed to offer a light weight, durable and textured alternative to brick slips. Looking online for 1 square meter it can be anywhere from £22 – £54 per square meter. So sometimes it an be a more expensive method. Now again similar to tiles, it is a repeating pattern so every 4-6 panels will be repeated. Fine for small areas but large areas this becomes more noticeable. In addition your still not going to get the rough texture, thermal properties, no maintenance or peace of mind.

As with anything made from foam, a simple push with a toy or even a finger will leave an irreparable indentation on the wall, In addition foam panels can not be used in the same areas that brick slips can such as being Log Burners and Externally.

So as you can see from above and to answer the question Why Are Brick Slips so Expensive? There not. They are a high quality, highly durable, practical and life long lasting product that offers you that true brick finish in both aesthetics, textures and quality that no other product on the market can offer.


How To Keep The Cost Of Brick Slips Down


There are many things one can do to keep the cost of their brick slip project down. The main one being a DIY installation. Although it may seem daunting at first, most of our customers install their brick slips themselves. This can save hundreds if not, thousands (depending on the size of the project) and is much easier than you may think. Across our website we offer plenty of helpful guides to get you started. In addition we sell all the accessories and tools needed to get that perfect finish.

Are Brick Slips Expensive To Install? They can be like any trade, it is normally a tiler that would be employed to install brick slips. The average cost for a tiler is around £35-50 per square meter. So depending on the size of the area this quickly adds up. In addition to the brick slips you will also need installation materials. At a minimum this will include Brick Slip Adhesive, Pointing Mortar, Spacers And Primer.

You can keep the costs down by buying all of your materials directly from us, this saves two separate delivery charges it also ensures you get tried and tested material as anything inferior may not provide the bond required and could cause the installation to fail at which point you could end up doubling the cost of your project if you have to do it twice. So When asking Why Are Brick Slips So Expensive?. Consider the research put in to the brick slip and materials to be able to offer our customers a 25 Year Warranty All of our accessories have been tried and tested which is why we provide a 25 Year Warranty on all of our brick slips when installed using our accessories.

Below is a collection of customer projects where they opted to install our Brick Slips themselves to keep the cost down of their project.


Can You Buy Cheap Brick Slips

Because Slips From Stocks parent company is one of the largest brick importers in the UK all of our brick slips are very well priced. Compared to all other online retailers our prices are almost unbeatable (like for like). There are a lot of cheap brick slips out there. When we mention cheap brick slips we refer to both price and quality. Whilst we can not name and shame, there are websites for which you can buy casted brick slips.

Casted brick slips refer to brick slips purposely made and not cut from actual bricks. These are usually made from either Cement or Plaster both of which are very cheap materials to use but also do not offer the quality in comparison to real clay brick slips.

We always hold a collection of Clearance Brick Slips or otherwise known as Cheap Brick Slips. This doesn’t mean the quality changes it simply means they are being discontinued or left over from a large commercial project.

Our full range of clearance brick slips can be seen below and below the images we have added a shop button to take you directly to our clearance section.


Clearance Brick Slips

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