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Brick Cladding

Our Brick Cladding is market leading. Unlike any other supplier, Slips From Stock import their own bricks before cutting them to create our Brick Cladding. Also know as Brick Slips or Brick Tiles. Our Brick facings are used everyday to clad properties wether that is internal brick cladding or external brick cladding the uses are endless.

Using our brick slips as brick cladding they offer many benefits in addition to looking amazing, they also offer fantastic insulation properties to keep energy costs down whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Delivered as individual slips, our brick cladding is incredibly easy to install without the use of an expert or hiring a company to do it for you. All of our installation aids and accessories have been tested on our range of Brick Cladding to ensure it stands the test of time and to back that up further, we provide a 25 year warranty on our products when used in conjunction with one another.

What Is Brick Cladding?

In general, our brick cladding comes in two forms. the first being our brick slips which are supplied singular. The second being our Fireplace Brick Cladding Panels. These are used to line the chamber of a fireplace or fireplace insert for a quick and easy solution for those looking to create a brick finish.

With our brick cladding solution, only natural clay bricks are used: We take the full brick and cut the facing from the brick between 14mm and 20mm thick to give you the finished product. All of our bricks are held directly by us to ensure quality and continuity.  In addition to our standard brick cladding, all cladding slips come with the option of Corners, Headers, Stretchers and, of course Free Samples.

Once installed, our Brick Cladding gives the genuine appearance of a real brick wall with seamless mortar joints and no repetitive facings. The durability of our brick cladding means we can safely say, when installed with the correct materials and looked after can last a life time.

General Applications For Brick Cladding

Our Brick Cladding has been designed to work in all environments this includes (but is not limited to the below)

  • Bathroom Brick Cladding
  • Kitchen Brick Cladding
  • Exterior Brick Cladding
  • Internal Brick Cladding
  • Fireplace Brick Cladding
  • Feature Wall Brick Cladding

Depending on the area you decide to install your brick cladding you made need some protection such as our Brick Slip Seal & Protect. This sealer protects from staining from oils and weathering etc.

The Benefits Of Brick Cladding


  • Looks Amazing! – Our brick cladding is the best when it comes to design and quality. Offering some of the most popular brick designs used in house building it is easy to find a match or create something of true beauty.


  • Easy To Install – The Brick Cladding could not be any easier to install. Supplied as single brick fascias, they are even easier to install than tiles. Being of rustic nature means that small mistakes and imperfections just add to the rustic characteristics you would expect t find with a real brick wall.


  • Great U Values – With the use of brick cladding, not only do you get the aesthetics of a brick wall but you get the U values such as moisture resistance and insulating properties to reduce your energy use and carbon footprint!


  • Low Maintenance – As with house bricks they require no maintenance, easy to clean with a spray of water and a hard wire brush, our Brick Cladding works well in those busy environments

Brick Cladding Samples


We know how important it is to ensure you have the correct brick cladding for your project. And we try to make that process as easy as possible for you! Therefore we provide Free Samples of all of our Brick Cladding options to allow you to see and feel the brick cladding before making a larger purchase.

Our sample panels are sent out via a premium courier service, and are usually delivered within 2-3 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays)

Our sample panels consist of 3 full Brick Slips and 3 Header slip, we hand select every Brick slip for the panels so each one accurately reflects the colours within your chosen blend.

As some of our Brick Slips contain as many as 30 different shades it can sometimes be difficult to show these on one sample panel, where possible we will endeavour to give you a colour mix which is as consistent with the product as possible,however please note our sample panels are to give you in indication on overall colour and texture, it is not guaranteed that you will receive every colour within the sample panel on your order, or the same ration of colours due to the products being manufactured from a raw material.

Please note – Free of charge brick cladding sample panels are limited to a maximum of 2 per customer, due to the high cost of each sample (£16.00), we are unable to offer more than 2 free of charge. If you are a trade customer and require a full set of samples for your showroom etc please email us your requirements to sales@slipsfromstock.com.

Any sample order that has more than 2 samples on it, will be held until we can contact you to confirm which 2 samples you would like sending out.


Order Free Brick Cladding Samples

What do I need to install Brick Cladding?

Brick cladding is incredibly easy to install, it is done so in much the same method you would to install tiles. Below is a link to our installation manual which will guide you through the installation of our Brick Cladding

Click Here For How To Install Brick Cladding

The items needed to install brick cladding very much depends on the quantity of brick cladding required but below is a list:

  • Brick Cladding
  • Brick Cladding Adhesive
  • Brick Cladding Primer
  • Brick Cladding Pointing Mortar
  • Brick Cladding Sealer
  • Brick Cladding Cutter
  • 7 Piece Installation Kit
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • 3 x buckets.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the complete package and we further promote this with our 25 Year Warranty we are able to offer for customers who opt to couple their Brick Cladding with the use of our accessories. All of the above materials can be purchased online by clicking the below button.


Brick Cladding Accessories

Brick Cladding Customer Service


If you need any further help with you brick cladding requirements, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team, we are able to offer you expert advice, guidance, quotes and help with drawings.

Get In Touch Today To Discuss Your Brick Cladding Requirements!

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