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Creative Ways To Use Brick Slips

Brick Slips The Uses Are Endless

Being Creative is nothing new, but incorporating that in to brick slips certainly is! Brick Slips are a fast growing industry and today with the use of social media it is easy to see or follow trends that take your interest, Brick Slips is one of those trends.   With planning and time, it is possible to achieve a professional finish but they also provide people with the freedom to get creative around the home. 

So, if you are looking for your next DIY project to fill some spare time, why not consider these five places where Brick Slips provide the perfect solution.

Get Creative With Your Splashback

Splashbacks used to be relatively boring parts of the kitchen that were simply installed behind the hob but now they are much more than this! Using Brick Slips, you can create an eye-catching Kitchen Splash Back wether that is the whole kitchen or just behind the hob. Brick Slips not only looks brilliant behind your hob but continues right around your kitchen. You can create a unique look that will lift your kitchen and give it something different. As there is a wide range of styles and designs available to choose from, you’re certain to find something that fits the design of your kitchen.

Kitchen Splashback with brick slips

Create a Cosy Fireplace

Fireplaces are often considered the focal point of a room so why not make it stand out further with Brick Slips? You can really give your fireplace some love by fitting Brick Slips that come in a variety of styles to suit your decor. Whether it’s traditional, modern or rustic, you can create a fireplace that really will stand out. You can even find something that fits in with period features such as those found in Victorian homes or you can give a modern home a twist. As a result of the heat from fires, you should be mindful to use heat resistant adhesive.

As well as this we have an option of Fireplace Brick Slips or, for a very quick and easy method check out our Fireplace Brick Panels.

Middleton blend brick fireplace herringbone

Create a Spectacular Cloakroom

Cloakrooms are considered relatively simple spaces that are designed for one purpose but we think there is a little more on offer here if you get creative. This small room is the ideal opportunity to let your interior design juices flow because you will be amazed at what you can do. Keep things bright and simple with Brick Slips or create a more rustic look with traditional brick-style colours. With the right colours, you can make the space feel larger than it actually is while the introduction of accessories and the right paint can transform it.

A Hallway That Captures the Imagination

Again, hallways are hardly inspiring places but they can be and why shouldn’t they be? They are the entrance to your home and so, it provides the perfect opportunity to make a good impression. With brick slips, you can create a floor to ceiling look or opt to tile half of the wall before adding a splash of colour. Match it up with the right flooring and you will have a space that looks and feels spectacular. Furthermore, they are also simple to clean and wipe down which is ideal if you have messy children!

A Modern Wet Room

Looking to transform your shower room? A wet room with Brick Slips is going to deliver a space that is inviting, stylish and unique. While it might seem easy to go for modern colours, you can create an industrial look and feel or keep things relatively traditional if you choose. The great thing about Brick Slips is that they are no different from any other tiles, so you know that they are going to remain looking their best, every single day!

brick slips in bathroom

Take A Look At Our Brick Slips Below!

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