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The Properties Of Our Range Of Brick Tiles

Are Brick Tiles Combustible?

An important question that everyone should ask when considering using our range of brick Tiles in there homes particularly around high heat areas such as stoves and fireplaces. When it comes to home decor and construction materials, one important consideration is the safety aspect. Among the various materials used in interiors and exteriors, brick tiles have gained popularity due to their durability and aesthetic appeal and Slips From Stock has become the leading supplier of all things brick tiles. While brick tiles are known for their fire-resistant properties, it’s essential to understand whether they are entirely non-combustible or have some level of combustibility.

Fire Resistance of Brick Tiles

Brick tiles  as a term can be made using different materials for us, they are created form real brick so we take our bricks that we import and that are exclusive to us and then cut them to a thin size of just 14-20mm meaning they are made from fired clay. During the manufacturing process, these materials undergo intense heat, resulting in a solid and fire-resistant product. Due to this process, brick tiles have excellent resistance to heat, flames, and combustion.

Bricks, which are the primary component of brick tiles, are known for their thermal properties. They are poor conductors of heat, meaning they have the ability to absorb and store heat. Additionally, their density helps in preventing the passage of flames and smoke.

Combustibility Factors

While brick tiles are generally considered fire-resistant, there are a few factors to keep in mind regarding their combustibility:

  1. Mortar: The mortar used to install brick tiles plays a crucial role. Mortars can be classified into different fire resistance ratings, and it’s important to select one with adequate fire resistance to maintain the overall fire safety of the installation. To make it simple for our customers rather then offering one that is and one that isn’t,  our Mortar is fire resistant.
  2. Coatings: Some brick tiles may be coated with a glaze or sealant for aesthetic purposes. These coatings can alter the fire resistance properties of the brick tiles. Ensure that any coating applied to the tiles is also fire-resistant to maintain their safety features.
  3. Installation Quality: The quality of the installation determines the overall safety of the brick tiles. Proper installation, including the use of appropriate materials and techniques, ensures that the tiles remain fire-resistant. Faulty installation can compromise the fire resistance and increase the risk of combustion.


In conclusion, brick tiles are generally considered to be fire-resistant due to their composition and manufacturing process. They have excellent resistance to heat, flames, and combustion. However, it is crucial to consider other factors like the type of mortar used and any coatings applied to the tiles. These factors can impact the overall fire resistance of the brick tiles. It is recommended to consult with professionals and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the highest level of safety and fire resistance when using brick tiles in your home or commercial space.

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