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As A Brick Slip Company, We Are #1 In The UK!

Best brick slip company



In terms of brick slip companies, Slips From Stock are #1 in the UK! And its not even close! What we have achieved since we launched back in 2019 is more than what many others industry have done in the last 10 years. Honestly, we are the go to place for brick slip walls.

We have the capacity to hold over 1 million slips in stock at any one time so this allows to get your order to you with minimal delays. We even offer a FREE delivery service on all orders over 10m²! Going the extra mile is in our nature so if time is really against you, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to have your order with you by the next day.

We are also the only brick slip company in Europe to have machines specialised to cut brick slip corners. So you can be sure our corners will always be precise. Furthermore priced at just £1.49, they are significantly cheaper than those of our direct rivals.

Unlike B&Q brick slips ours are made using real bricks. B&Q brick slips also come with a 2 year guarantee whereas ours last as long as you need them to! As a specialist brick slip company we would be better equipped to provide you with what it is you are looking for.

Our thin brick slips also take up less space in your room. Real bricks are rather chunky. Thankfully, thin brick slips take up around 8 cm less space leaving more room for insulation. So installing a brick slip wall can give your home a fresh new look, whilst saving money for other areas of your renovation.

Our goal is to become the best brick slip company worldwide and we have already began to branch out overseas. We have even completed projects as far out as Bermuda! Our growth since our October 2019 launch has been incredible. However, this is just the beginning as we have no intentions of slowing down.

We love seeing your creations so please be sure to share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.


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