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Benefits of Thin Brick Veneer

 What are the Benefits of Thin Brick Veneer?


Thin brick veneer has dominated the residential, commercial and industrial markets in recent years. It is also known by several other names such as brick slips, brick tiles, faux brick. Our team has compiled a short overview of why a thin brick façade is so popular. Brick slips like our Old Coach House Brick Slips. It also explains how easy it is to put together!

Benefits of Installing Thin Brick Veneer

Thin brick veneer such as our Old Coach House Brick Slips hav a much lower manufacturing cost than its full-thickness brick alternative, and is therefore much more cost effective for the end user. It is a lightweight option in comparison to full bricks, this makes it far easier and also faster to install. It doesn’t need any expensive foundations to provide stability, as standard brick would, and is compatible with a wide range of building systems such as Timber frame, Modular, and ICF. This makes it even more convenient. Products like our Old Coach House Brick Slips absorb more energy than a large majority or alternative materials and also has great sound reducing properties, making it a natural noise reduction tool. It won’t fade or become damaged as quickly as other materials and acts as an insulation, protecting your investment for many years. Brick Venner is a remarkable product that offers almost endless benefits, including superior durability, construction versatility and sustainability, as well as insulating properties and cost efficiency. Check out our Old Coach House Brick Slips to see exactly how beautiful it can be.

Installating Brick Veneer

Installing thin brick veneers such as the Old Coach House Brick Slips  is now easier than ever with a wide range of panel systems readily available on the market. Most brick slip panel systems are easy to attach to any surface, and they still provide excellent support. Once you have selected and installed your cladding system you can start the simple and fast process of installing your brick slips. Starting from the outside corners, work your way across the facade, ensuring a level finish on each row. Once your thin veneer bricks are installed, and the adhesive has set, you may start pointing them up using gun injected mortar, this is a very simple process and is much quicker than traditional pointing processes.

You can find more information about thin brick facade installation or by taking your time to review our in depth Installation manual. You will find valuable information that covers everything, from how to properly care for thin brick veneer and cleaning techniques, through step-by-step instructions to mortar preparation , as well as general tips and tricks for wall preparation and information about tools/materials. If you require any more assistance on any stage of the installation process, please get in touch.

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