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The Benefits Of Using Black Brick Slips In The Home

Black Brick Slip Inspiration – It’s Not All Dark and Gloomy

dark black brick slipsStyles and trends come and go but one of the things that many people opt to avoid is the introduction of dark colours such as black. There are  understandable reasons for this such as the way in which black can change your mood and the way in which it works against natural light but we think that Black Brick Slips have a place in every home.

It’s about understanding that style is not just about following trends but is also about thinking outside of the box. It involves understanding how different colours have an impact and how they work with each other and so, we’re going to explore the wonders of black brick slips.

It’s About Making a Statement

Black might seem like a negative colour but when you install black brick slips they are anything but negative. When you introduce them as part of an overall look, they really do make a statement. If someone walks into your living room and sees a black brick slip feature wall, they will be stopped in their tracks. It stands out, it’s powerful and it really does have an impact on the way in which a room feels and that’s why we love them.

It Works With Other Colours

Nobody is saying that once you opt for black brick slips you have to stick with the colour black throughout the room. What black brick slips offer is a base colour from which you can build. So, you can introduce light tones, and subtle tones or you can add pops of bright colours to create an eclectic look. You can also add brass features or rose gold to really create an injection of colour and class.

Add layered textures and tones that help to ease the impact of black without detracting from the stunning look of our black brick slips. When you do all of this, you’ll create a space that looks amazing.

It’s Perfect For Cinema Rooms

If you have a dedicated cinema room in the house or even in a garden room, your dark brick slips are an ideal addition. The dark colour will work brilliantly once the lights are dimmed but once the lights are turned back on, they create a stunning feature that gives the space character and style.

Create an Alluring Bathroom

Everyone loves the idea of slipping into a hot bath which is why you want the space to be easy on the eye. You don’t want bright or loud colours, you want something that gently eases you into a state of relaxation. So, if you install black brick slips, you’ll find that it sets the mood and tone for your bathroom, especially when it is combined with lavish fittings,  a stylish roll top bath and candlelight.

Black brick slips are an amazing addition to your home, regardless of where you use them. They add something that other colours cannot match and that is why they are so unique

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