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Brick Cladding is More Than You Realised

Brick Cladding is More Than You Realised

When it comes to British construction, brick is iconic and since the industrial revolution, its use has been seen around the country on a monumental scale. Traditionally, red brick is used and this comes from the iron oxide that naturally occurs in clay. However, construction is changing and instead of using brick, brick cladding also know as Brick Slips are used and once we explore the reasons why you should use them, you’ll soon consider installing them in your home.

They Work With Insulation

Brick cladding can be applied to insulation panels and then installed on the external walls of buildings. This is known as retrofitting and is perfect for those buildings that cannot benefit from cavity wall insulation. The additional insulation will keep the property warm while also enhancing soundproofing while the brick cladding finishes it all off.

Keep Your Brick Features

Brick Slips or brick cladding is a great option for retaining the look of your brick building. Brick slips make it possible to retain architectural features and it can help to keep your property looking like any other property around it. As they can be installed easily, if you have an extension or make changes to your home, you know you can use brick cladding to retain the look with ease.

Easy to Install

You might think that installing brick slips is a difficult and skilled job but they are much easier to fit than standard bricks. They are thinner and lighter which makes them easier to handle while you won’t need to lay them on top of each other like bricks. They are applied directly to the existing walls using an adhesive before the joints are filled with mortar which is completely different to bricks. 

Hallway with a Sandalwood brick slip feature wall

Example of stunning Brick Cladding – Sandalwood Brick Slips.

Range of Styles

A brick is simply not a brick and this is very true when it comes to brick cladding. You can choose from a huge array of colours, textures and styles. If you have a traditional home, you can opt to stick with red, traditional-looking brick while you can opt for something with texture. Additionally, they also come in a variety of other colours too, so you can really get creative when installing brick slips.

They Are Durable

When it comes to making changes to your home, there is nothing worse than spending money only to see your walls or work damaged after a few weeks or months. The great thing about brick slips is that they are extremely durable so they are perfect for inside the home and outside the home. They are mark resistant, dent-resistant and they can withstand the elements just like full bricks, so they are a great option for anywhere around the home.

Brick cladding makes a great choice for anyone who is looking for a traditional aesthetic for their home. Furthermore, the transformation is quicker than standard bricks which is another reason why they are so appealing. So, with plenty of options available, you are certain to find something that suits your needs.

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