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Brick Effect Tiles - Lets Not Over Complicate Them!

Brick Effect Tiles – The Simple Way To Amp Up Your Home Style

Brick Effect Tiles are relatively new and finding an alternative solution when it comes to styling your home might prove a challenge but that isn’t always the case. Trends are constantly changing and this means that we are now pushing boundaries more than ever before. People are becoming more creative as they look for a new and innovative way to give their home a new look.

You might not have thought of brick effect tiles or even heard of them but we are here to tell you that they offer so much more than you might realise and they are easy to fit too.

What Are Brick Effect Tiles?

The clue is in the name but these are tiles that have a brick effect to them. What this means is that you can benefit from a completely new look and style that is like nothing else out there, giving you the freedom to transform your home. 

Many different design elements in the home are a challenge to fit but brick tiles are relatively simple. They work in the same way as standard tiles and that means that they are fixed to the wall and that is as simple as it gets although we will go into it in more detail.

Why Are They So Easy?

The reality is that these are nothing more than tiles so, if you have experience of fitting tiles before, you could probably fit these with your eyes closed. Ok, not quite but if you have fitted tiles before then you can install these too. Even if you have never fitted tiles previously, then you really don’t have to panic because this is a job that you can try yourself. 

All you need to do is begin by measuring the area that you want to tile. This involves measuring the length of the area and the height before multiplying the two figures. This will give the space that will be tiled in square metres so, if you have an area that is 10 square metres, if you were ordering our Old Coach House Brick Effect Wall Tiles, then you would only need to order twenty boxes as each box contains 0.5 square metre of tiles. However, it is worth remembering that it is recommended that you order 10% more to cover breakages and damages, so in this instance, you would need to order 22 boxes. 

So, as you can see it is really easy to calculate how many boxes you will need but when it comes to fitting your tiles, all you will need is the correct tools and materials and then you are ready to go. With some time and patience, you can then work your way through the process, ensuring you install your brick effect tiles in a way that makes them look absolutely stunning. 

Don’t be put off brick effect tiles because you fear that they aren’t easy to fit. You won’t have to pay someone to install them for you if you plan ahead and that can help you to save money.

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