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Choosing The Correct Adhesive For Your Brick Slips.

What Is Brick Slip Adhesive?

When it comes to brick slip adhesive, it is essential to select the right type of adhesive for the installation. An efficient adhesive helps ensure durability, stability, and longevity of the installation. A good adhesive should work well with the substrate and ensure excellent adhesion to the surface, preventing the brick slips from detaching and falling.

As a general rule we always recommend our customer install brick slips purchased from us with our Adhesive. it has been tried and tested on our brick slips allowing us to offer our customer a 25 year warranty.

Types of Adhesives Used for Brick Slips:

  1. Standard Powder Adhesive:
    Standard mortar is one of the most popular adhesives for brick slips. It is a mixture of cement, water, and sand, providing excellent adhesive strength and durability. However, standard mortar has a longer drying time, making it challenging to work with.
  2. Ready-Mix Adhesive:
    Ready-mix mortar is a pre-mixed adhesive, designed for the quick and easy installation of brick slips. It comes in a range of colors and can be used on various substrates, including concrete, plasterboard, brick, and blockwork. Its fast-setting properties make it ideal for rapid installation.
  3. Rapid-Set Adhesive:
    Rapid-set adhesive is a high-strength adhesive designed to bond the brick slips quickly. The adhesive can be applied within a few minutes of mixing and sets in approximately two hours, making it perfect for time-sensitive projects.
  4. Polymer-Based Adhesive:
    Polymer-based adhesive is a modern adhesive that offers excellent adhesive strength and flexibility. It is a water-resistant adhesive, ideal for projects exposed to moisture. Its flexibility properties also make it ideal for projects with movement and vibrations.

Our Standard adhesive is a 2 part adhesive, powder that you then mix with water this slip-fix adhesive can be used on almost all materials (excluding non-porous surfaces such as pic and metal)

Considerations When Choosing an Adhesive:

If for whatever reason, you choose not to use our brick slip adhesive, when selecting an adhesive for brick slips, various considerations should be taken into account. These include:

  1. Substrate: The type of adhesive used is influenced by the substrate where the brick slips will be installed. The ways adhesives react with the substrate differ and could affect the adhesion and longevity of the installation.
  2. Environment: Consider the environmental factors affecting the installation, including temperature, humidity, and moisture. This will affect the drying and curing time of the adhesive, which must be taken into account in project planning.
  3. Movement: Adhesives used for brick slips must take into account the potential movement of the substrate. Thin-bed or screwed-on systems may be suitable for building structures prone to movement.


Choosing the right adhesive for brick slips is crucial to the success of your project. Consider various factors, such as the type of substrate and environmental conditions, and choose an adhesive that best suits your project requirements. Powder adhesive, rapid-set adhesive, and polymer-based adhesive are some of the most common types of adhesive used for brick slips. Ultimately, the right adhesive will ensure a stable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing installation, adding value and style to your project. If you have any doubts or questions please get in touch with us. If you wish to order our adhesive you can do so here.

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