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Brick Slip Installation Kit Explained!

brick slip Installation kit
With the summer drawing to a close we all find ourselves feeling slightly more reluctant to leave the warmth and comfort of our own homes. So with this extra free time why not learn how to install brick slips? To help get you started to explain what you can expect to need for your brick slip installation kit!
The simplest pieces of the brick slip installation kit are the latex gloves and the jumbo wire brush. Their uses are rather self explanatory if we are honest. Furthermore, these are the two pieces of equipment that are most likely to be of use to you even AFTER you’ve finished your brick slip installation!
You will also receive a heavy duty mixing bucket. This will be used to mix your adhesive in. However after you give it a good clean we are sure you’ll be able to find another use for it. The more specific equipment in your brick slip installation kit will probably be of little use to you once your slips are installed. This includes things like the adhesive trowel and the jointer. However they are crucial part of the process so its highly recommend that you still purchase them. The final two pieces in your installation kit will be the mortar gun and the 10 mm brick slip spacers.
If you want to know how to install your brick tiles we have just the thing for you! Click here to head to our blog explaining everything you’ll need to know about installing brick tiles.
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