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Brick Slip Primer


As the old adage goes, in life if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. And when it comes to installing brick slips, the same is true. Preparing your surface for the installation of your brick slips is of paramount importance and brick slip primer is fundamental to that.

What Is Brick Slip Pro Primer?

Our ProPrimer is intended for use before the application of brick slips. It is used to prime the substrate/walls to get the best out of your Slip-Fix adhesive. It is highly recommended that you use brick slip primer before installation regardless of whether you are installing them in an external or internal project. This will ensure that you have a trouble and stress free installation that will withstand the test of time.

How To Use It?

Brick slip pro primer is extremely easy to use. It is recommended to apply 2 layers of pro primer to your desired surface. For your first coat, and 3 parts water for every 1 part primer into a mixing bucket. Once you have done that take a brush or a roller and apply it to your desired surface and scrub well into the surface to avoid pooling. Ensure that coat has dried before you go on to apply the next. For the next coat repeat the process however this time you only need 1 part water for every 1 part brick slip primer. Some very porous surfaces will require a 3rd coat at 1 part primer 1 part water. Whereas some non-porous surfaces will only need 1 coat of brick slip pro primer.

Contact Us For Brick Slip Enquires

Our sales team can help you with your choice of brick slip and can also assist with working the quantities that you require for your project out also, including Slip-Fix adhesive and Slip-Point mortar. Feel free to use our brick slip calculator on our site or, for more complex projects, please send your drawings over to sales@slipsfromstock.com and a member of the estimating team will respond within 24 hours. For large trade customers, we recommend visiting TBS Cladding Solutions. We want to thank you for choosing Slips From Stock as your brick slip supplier! So once your slips have been installed post them on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll send you an Amazon voucher! Our team works tirelessly around the clock. We are experts on all things brick slips and also offer a FREE brick slip matching service. Simply email us at sales@slipsfromstock.com or call us at 01889 227183.



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