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The Workings Of Brick Slip Spacers

Brick Slip Spacers

Brick slip spacers are tools used in brick slip installations1. They are small plastic or rubber devices that help create consistent and even spacing between the brick slips. These spacers are placed between the brick slips during installation, ensuring that each brick slip is properly aligned and spaced apart from the adjacent ones1.

10mm Brick Slip Spacers

The use of brick slip spacers serves two main purposes. Firstly, they help maintain a uniform and aesthetically pleasing look by ensuring consistent spacing between the brick slips1. This helps create neat and professional-looking mortar joints1. Secondly, they allow for the accommodation of expansion and contraction of the brick slips due to temperature changes, preventing cracking or damage to the installation1.

Brick slip spacers typically come in various sizes, such as 10mm, and are available in packs containing multiple pieces12. They are designed to be easily inserted and removed during the installation process, allowing for efficient and precise positioning of the brick slips.

Overall, brick slip spacers are an essential tool for achieving a high-quality and visually appealing brick slip installation, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits1.

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