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Brick Slip Tile Adhesive: Installation Kit Guide

SlipBond Brick Slip Tile Adhesive

At Slips From Stock we are firm believers that everyday is a school day! And with so many of you using our brick slip installation blog to learn how to install slips yourself, we felt it was important you know in detail what everything is. So to kick off the mini-series we thought we’d start by giving you the Ins and outs of brick slip tile adhesive.

Brick Slip Tile Adhesive Technical Description

Our brick slip tile adhesive is a flexible cladding adhesive for internal and external use. It consists of blended cements, graded fillers, additives and a high level of redispersible powder polymer. It is specially formulated with extended workability for fixing brick slips and natural stone to a range of substrates including sand/cement render, brick and block work and can be used for wall and floor applications as well as with external and internal wall installation systems. Our brick slip tile adhesive comes in 20 kg bags and will cover 4.25 m² when applied to the recommended thickness of 3 mm.

How It Is Used

Pour half of the bag of brick tile adhesive into a mixing bucket. Then slowly add approximately two and a half litres of cold clean water making to sure to mix periodically. You should continue to mix until you have a smooth mixture. This should take around three minutes however you can take as much time as you need. Once the brick slip tile adhesive is ready, spread it over a small area of your wall. From here, yo take your slip and press firmly and evenly into the adhesive. Our brick slip tile adhesive is rapid setting so will need to be applied within 25 minutes so ensure you only mix what you will be able to apply within this time frame.

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