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Brick Slips and Log Burners - They Go Hand in Hand

Brick Slips and Log Burners – They Go Hand in Hand

Log Burner Brick Slips are becoming one of the most searched for home decor products on the market. There is an unwritten rule that a fireplace should be the focal point of any home but as more modern homes are being built without a fireplace, As with most modern homes, the  retirement for a fireplace is non-existent other then for aesthetic purposes.

Iced Grey brick slip fireplace

However, more people are now looking at installing fireplaces and false chimney breasts in order to install log burners and with thicks comes our purpose made Fireplace Brick Panels There is no denying that fireplaces look stunning and at different times of the year, they take on a new identity. During winter a roaring fire adds charm and warmth while at Christmas time it really does become the central part of your home.

Now there are different options when it comes to the Fireplace and Brick Slips. You have the traditional method of using Fireplace Brick Slips to install individually. There is also the option to opt for pre-made Fireplace Brick Panels for a quick and hassle free installation.

So, we have determined just how much of a statement your fireplace can make but how can you make it unique with brick slips?

It All Begins With Brick Slips

If you have installed a log burner in your home then you clearly have an eye for style and design. However, what about finishing your log burner and fireplace so that it looks even more special? This is where brick slips can add the Wow factor and the best thing about using log burner brick slips is that they are fairly inexpensive when compared to other options. So, if you want to make sure that your fireplace and log burner stands out, brick slips are all that you need.

It doesnt matter whether you are someone who has experience in DIY or someone who is embarking on your first project, log burner brick slips can be installed by anyone with a little time and patience. What this means is that you can transform your fireplace with minimal effort and whats more, the experience of installing brick slips is extremely enjoyable. Slips From Stock have a handy installation guide for those looking to take the task on.

There are many different options available to choose from which means you can opt for traditional red brick slips, go grey, yellow or a mixed brick slip. The possibilities are endless but taking the time to fit your own brick slips will be a rewarding experience from start to finish.

Birkdale Blend Herringbone brick slips Fireplace

Do Things Differently

When it comes to your home, why bother following the crowd by doing things the same as them? By choosing brick slips you are making a bold step into a world of uniqueness because you are going to create a fireplace that gives your home something different. As you can get creative, you can make your fireplace an integral part of the home but also something that looks as though it might have stood in place for hundreds of years and thats what makes brick slips so great. They can be used to create a modern look but depending on the style you use, you could also give your fireplace an authentic look using Brick panels for fireplace.

Additionally, fireplaces and chimney breasts are relatively small and that means that you wont need to spend a fortune to clad the area. So, if you are looking for a new project and you want to give your home a fireplace that everyone will fall in love with, look no further than brick slips because they really will tick every box.

Brick Slips For Fireplaces

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