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A few of the most popular patterns when installing brick slips

Different Brick Patterns – A Basic Guide Of The Popular Choices

Brick slips are a versatile and attractive decoration material that has gained in popularity over recent years. A significant advantage of brick slip is the ability to manipulate its geometry, which can result in an impressive range of patterns. In this blog, we will explore some of the most popular brick patterns, their characteristics, and where they are commonly used.

Running Bond

The Running Bond pattern is one of the most common patterns that involve staggered brick slip placement. Every other brick slip is offset by half a brick length, resulting in a linear pattern. It is easy to install, requires less cutting, and is commonly used for residential and commercial buildings.



Herringbone, named after the fish bones it resembles, creates a zigzag pattern. Each brick slip is angled at 45 degrees while alternating with the row below it. This diagonal pattern adds visual interest to a flat surface and is commonly used for pathways, homes, and patios.


Basket Weave

Basket Weave is a simple pattern that repeats rectangular pairs of brick slips. Two brick slips are laid horizontally beside each other, followed by two vertically laid brick slips. The same pattern is then repeated throughout the wall or pathway. This pattern provides an interlocking effect and is commonly used for pathway and patio pavers.


Flemish Bond

The Flemish Bond pattern is a combination of headers and standard brick slips. It is widely found in Colonial and Georgian architectural styles. Each course of standard brick slips is followed by a course of headers, with the bonding pattern alternating in successive courses. The striking pattern of Flemish Bond creates an appealing effect that is perfect for accentuating entrances, arches, and other accent features.


Stacked Bond

The Stacked Bond pattern is the simplest of all patterns. Brick slips are stacked on top of each other in line, without any staggering. This pattern creates a modern, clean, and minimalist look and is commonly used for industrial and commercial buildings.


Diagonal Bond

Diagonal Bond is similar to Running Bond, but with the added effect of orientation change. Diagonal Bond involves placing brick slips at a 45-degree angle to create a diamond or star pattern. It’s a versatile pattern that can add interest to both contemporary and traditional buildings.


There are many different ways to use brick slips to create a variety of patterns. When choosing a pattern, consider the type of building, location, and personal preference. Regardless of the pattern, brick slips provide strength, durability, and beauty that can last for years to come.

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