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Brick Cladding - Should You Paint Them?

Brick Cladding – Should You Paint Them?

Brick Cladding is another term for Brick Slips. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing creativity and art come together but when it comes to brick cladding, should you leave them as they are or let your creativity flow? This is a hot topic as many people love the look and style of brick cladding and brick slips but some people like to add their own colour and designs too. So, let’s take a look at what you need to know when painting brick slips.

The Different Textures and Finishes

You might have a certain look in mind and this is likely to be either gloss or matt. It is possible to paint straight on top of your brick slips using masonry paint and this will give you that warehouse look that people strive to achieve. You can opt to go for a matt finish on a traditional brick slip and with the rumbled face, you are certain to add lots of texture. This gives you the potential to create that warehouse look and colour at the same time, much like you see in commercial and retail premises.

As well as our traditional brick slips, for those looking to paint over brick for their fireplace area, we do supply pre made Fireplace Brick Panels and purpose made Fireplace Brick Slips

Of course, there are smooth brick slips too and so, the texture isn’t something that stands out but the choice of paint and colour does instead. This makes the choice of colour a focal point, enabling you to create something captivating and eye-catching at the same time with your brick slips.

Go For a Pattern

When it comes to brick slips, it is all in the detail. This is because you can make your brickwork stand out in different ways. You can opt for a herringbone pattern as opposed to the standard style as the diagonal pattern creates a stunning feature that catches the eye. You can make a real statement when you go for different patterns and bonds, especially if you are using brick slips on a small area. This can help to create more space, especially in those areas that are dark.

What About the Mortar?

You can opt for mortar that makes an impact and enhances the look of the brick cladding, making a statement at the same time. When you are going for a standard look, neutral mortar is fine. It creates a natural look that many people love. However, you might want to go for a matching mortar and you can even paint the mortar as well if you are feeling as though you want to do something different. 

What really stand out with our mortar, is its ability to withstand heat so coupled with our Fireplace Brick Slips you will have a safe and secure brick finish for years to come

The lighter the colour, the more light that will be reflected off the brick and that can make rooms and spaces feel bright and lighter without the need for more artificial light. 

Painted brick slips or brick cladding enable you to add something unique and different to your space. You can choose different textures and coloured paints to match them up with your space. Whether it’s a commercial space or your home, there is so much scope to use your creativity to create something spectacular. So, take a look at the different options and find something that works for you. be it getting a budget fired brick slip or save the time with waiting by buying our Fireplace Brick Panels

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