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Brick Slips - Create the Ideal Space For Summer Living

Brick Slips – Create the Ideal Space For Summer Living

There is no denying that the winter can feel long and drawn out and that first glimmer of sunshine in Spring can really get you excited for what the summer might hold. Long, lazy days of sunshine are what we all crave and that is why more of us are not investing in our gardens and turning them into places that look smart, modern and usable and this is where Brick Slips come in!

With this in mind, now is the time to plan ahead for your perfect summer and give your garden a lift, making it the perfect space for spending time.

Create the Perfect Patio

A patio is now more than just slabs because there are so many options available out there and this includes brick tiles. To begin with, your patio needs the ideal location and that means that you should look to find a space that gets bathed in lots of sunshine. This will enable you to sit back and relax in the sun throughout the summer.

Now you need to think about the look you want and this is where brick slips can help. Whether you want a traditional look with a red brick effect or you prefer a lighter colour, you can find the look you want. What’s more, you can also create a look that merges with your interior, helping to create a simple, yet effective transition between indoors and outdoors.

What About Your Garden Walls?

Garden walls can be unsightly, especially if bare blockwork is visible. However, don’t look at this as a bad thing, instead, look at it as a blank canvas! You can use this to install brick tiles that really bring your garden walls to life. It’s possible to create a genuine looking brick wall and you can opt to go for traditional brick tiles or you can opt for a different colour such as mixed grey or white.

Get creative and you will be able to transform your walls and give your garden a brighter, more appealing look.

Transform Your BBQ Space

Everyone loves getting the bbq lit in the summer and that taste of authentic bbq food is synonymous with the summer. However, why settle for a basic bbq area when you can change it and mix it up. You can either build a block bbq and then jazz it up by using some of our brick slips or you can place your bbq against a tiled area. This will offer durability and will make it easy to clean once you have finished cooking.

Our gardens are a great space for creating something that captures the look and style we need. Gardens are now more than just a basic patio and grass because they have almost become an extension of the home. As soon as the sun comes out, there is nothing better than having an outdoor space that is completely usable and looks the part, all of which will have your neighbours feeling envious and jealous of your beautiful garden.

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