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Brick Slips Direct - Commercial brick slipsBrick Slips Direct

We supply Brick Slips Direct to our customers and have been doing so for the past 5 years! Our brick slips are real authentic brick that have been cut from bricks we import, cutting out the middle man and being able to provide Brick Slips Direct.

Thanks to our state of the art manufacturing equipment, we are able to not only supply brickslipsdirect to our retail customers but also able to provide brick slips direct to commercial and trade customers. Cutting over 1,000,000 brick slips every month, Slips From Stock is the largest brick slip supplier in the UK and we offer the highest quality brick slips as opposed to cheaper alternatives made from materials such as concrete and plaster.

Slips From Stock is the number 1 place to go to to buy brick slips direct. Many over online brick slip retailers offer our brick slips on their sites with an inflated price. Buying directly from us allows you to get the best possible price and the quickest turnaround.

Better still to help us stand out and to further back our claims of just how great our brick slips are, we provide completely free of charge brick slip samples. These can be ordered directly using the button below.

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