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Brickslips for Kitchen Splashbacks

Brickslips for kitchen splashbacks!

brick slips for kitchen splash backs
Euphoria Brick Slipshttps://www.slipsfromstock.com/product/euphoria-brick-slips/

Adding a feature splash back to your kitchen is a simple but very effective method of adding a modern touch to your kitchen.

Wether you have a brand new ultra modern kitchen or an existing contemporary kitchen that you would like to give a make over, we have a perfect range of brick slips to suit every kitchen.

You can view our full range of brick slip here

Euphoria Kitchen brick slips
Euphoria Brick Slips

Using Brick slips for Kitchen splash back gives you an extremely hard wearing and low maintenance finish, that will last for years to come.

We offer a full range of brickslips that are perfect for use in the kitchen both as a feature wall and a splash back.


What to consider when using brickslips in your kitchen;


Choosing the right colour is the most important decision to make in your brick slip kitchen project, firstly decide wether you are looking to achieve a stunning brick tile splash back that blends in with your kitchen colour theme, or a standout contrasting feature wall for your kitchen!

We offer red kitchen brick slips, brown kitchen brick slips, grey kitchen brick slips, yellow kitchen brick slips and many more colours!



Choosing a brick tile with the right texture for the area you plan on using it in will reduce maintenance and keep your brick tile splash back looking as good a s new for years to come.

We would always advise choosing a brick with a smooth or slightly rustic texture on if the brick tiles will be installed closely to your hob, and their us a chance that spillages will happen.

If you are using the brick slips as a feature wall and they will not come into contact with food spills regularly then you can choose from our full range of brick tiles for your kitchen.

All of our bricks can be cleaned easily with warm water and a soft brush, however we would recommend sealing the bricks with a natural stone sealer if they are to be used directly behind your hob and you the type of chef that likes to make a mess!

London Weathered Yellow Brick Slip Residential Kitchen 2
London Weathered Yellow Brick Slips

Frequently asked questions?

Will brickslips withstand the heat from a hob?

Are your brickslips heatproof?

Two great questions , one simple answer – All of our brickslips are made from genuine clay bricks that have been fired at over 900 degrees, so are fully suitable for use in and around hot areas such as cookers and hobs.

All of our brickslips are manufactured by TBS Cladding Solutions, the UKs leading brick slip manufacturer

Will the brickslips be too thick for my kitchen splash back?

All of our brickslips are cut to 20mm in thickness with a very small tolerance, once these are installed using our Slipbond adhesive the overall finished thickness is only 25mm, or 1inch in old money. The same thickness as a standard kitchen upstaged, so their is noe excuse not to have a brickslip kitchen splashback

What if i spill red wine or grease on the brickslips?

Our brickslips are very hard wearing and require very little maintenance, however from time to time you may need to remove any fallout from the brick slips by using warm soapy water and a soft brush.

Any spillages should be soaked up immediately before the stain is allowed to impregnate the surface of the brick – this will make the cleaning process harder.

We would recommend using a natural stone sealer for the brick slips if being used behind a hob, this will prevent any food items from staining the brickslips.

Don’t go with a boring plain ceramic tile for your project, push the boundaries and have a stunning Brickslips kitchen splashbacks!

To ensure you find the perfect brick tile for your project, we offer free of charge samples!


Order yours here

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