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What Are Brick Slip Corners?

What are Brick Slip Corners?

Victorian Red Corner Brick SlipVenturing into the world of brick slips is an exciting prospect, especially as you are going to be transforming your home using a unique solution. While looking at brick slips, you might have noticed a variety of colours and styles available and along the way, you might have also noticed brick slip corners.

After coming across them, you might be wondering what they are and why you need them? When installing them, surely all you need to do is install them up to an external corner before continuing on the other side but this is not the case.

When you consider traditional bricks and how they are laid, they are laid using the stretcher bond method. This means that once a full course of bricks has been laid, the next course is laid so that the vertical joints are staggered at the halfway point of the brick below them. This then means that the headers of the bricks or the end of the bricks are visible at the corners helping to create a neat finish but this is not the case with brick slips. As brick slips are quite simply, thin strips of brick, they are not laid in the same way and are fitted directly to a wall. This means that you need brick slip corners to create that traditional look and finish.

So, What Are Brick Slip Corners?

Brick slip corners are L shaped bricks that are designed to fit neatly around external corners. In order to make them, the face of the brick is cut along the length and then around the end and it is this finish that creates the L shape.

Where Are They Used?

Brick slip corners are vital if you want to create an authentic-looking brick finish, which is what brick slips are designed for. As a result, brick slip corners are made to go around external corners. They are also used on pillars, chimney breasts, boxed in pipework,  windows with a recess, doors with a recess as well as sills and ledges.

How Do You Use Them?

When you undertake a brick slip project, we recommend that you always start with the corner tiles. This will enable you to create a perfect stretcher bond look as they will have alternating sizes. If you are tiling a pillar or chimney breast, you will need to work out how the bond pattern will look from there and whether you will need to cut any pieces. It is, therefore, recommended that you do a dry run as this will make it possible for you to see what fits without actually fitting them to the wall.

Just like brick slips, you will need to think about brick slip corners and how much you need to order. As always, it is recommended that you order 10% more than you need as this will ensure you have enough to cover any breakages or damaged brick slip corners, enabling you to complete your job without having to order any more.

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