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Can Brick Slips Be Installed In the Shower And What Should You Consider?

Can Brick Slips Be Used in a Shower?

Our Brick Slips can be used for almost any application and, installing brick slips in the shower is no exception but there is elements you need to bare in mind. As Brick slips are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add an industrial or rustic touch to interior design. They are essentially thin slices of brick that can be adhered to a wall to create the look of a brick wall without the need for actual bricks. More and more people are looking at ways to be more creative with brick slips.

But can brick slips be used in a shower? The short answer is yes, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind if you are considering this for your bathroom renovation project.


The most important consideration when using brick slips in a shower is waterproofing. Any wall in a shower or bathroom needs to be fully waterproofed to prevent water damage and mould, and this is especially important with materials like brick slips that are porous and can absorb moisture. The best way to do this, is using a tanking kit to prepare the walls and ensure they are waterproof

Make sure that you or your contractor take the necessary steps to fully waterproof the shower walls before installing brick slips. This may involve applying a waterproof membrane under the brick slips and using a waterproof mortar to fill in the gaps between the slips. In addition we offer a sealer that directly repels water from the brick slips preventing any leaks.

Slip Resistance

Another important consideration when using brick slips in a shower is slip resistance. If your opting for a floor installation instead of a wall installation, The texture of the brick slips is great for anti-slip as they are heavily textured and small which means more mortar lines and more grip however, they may not be too comfortable on the foot. To minimize the risk of slips and falls, consider adding a non-slip coating or sealant to the surface of the brick slips.


Finally, it’s important to consider the maintenance requirements of brick slips in a shower. Because they are porous and exposed to moisture, they may require more frequent cleaning than other bathroom surfaces to prevent mould and mildew growth. Again to avoid this simply use our brick slip sealer

Be prepared to clean the brick slips regularly with a mild cleaner, and consider using a specialized mold and mildew remover if you notice any growth.

In conclusion, brick slips can be used in a shower, but proper installation, waterproofing, slip resistance, and maintenance are essential. With the right approach, brick slips can add a unique and stylish touch to any bathroom.

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