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Installing Brick Slips On Top Of Artex

Installing Brick Slips Over Artex

Artex was once a popular trend in homes, adding patterns to walls and ceilings. However, as with all trends, as the years went by, Artex became less popular and eventually disappeared. It was once applied to walls on new houses but now, modern properties simply come with smooth surfaces that make the ideal blank canvas for adding your own touch especially with Brick Slips.

However, if you have purchased an older property that needs work, it is highly likely that your walls will have Artex on them. If this is the case, there is no way that you are going to want to keep Artex! So, this is where brick slips can help but you will have some decisions to make before you go any further.

The Danger of Artex

There is a possibility that your Artex might contain asbestos. If this is the case then you will need to make sure that you do not attempt to remove it yourself as the fibres are extremely harmful. One way to tell if your Artex does contain asbestos is if the property was built before 1984. If this is the case, it is highly likely to contain it. If the property was built after 1984 then it will not contain asbestos.

What Do You Do Next?

If you know that the Artex is safe, then you can go ahead and think about installing your brick slips. Before you do this, you will need to check the wall to determine whether the Artex is firmly stuck to the wall beneath. If the Artex has cracked or is pulling away from the wall then you should not install your brick slips over it.

In this case, the right option would be to use a steamer to dampen it before scraping it off the walls. It is an easy job that will enable you to take the walls back to the subsurface. If you do take the walls back to the brick or block beneath, you must also make sure that they are in a suitable condition too. 

If you find that Artex is still firmly in place, then you could install your brick slips over the top. The Artex has raised bumps on its surface which would make for the perfect key, enabling the adhesive to grip firmly. However, if there is any sign of weakness, it will be a case of having to remove the Artex completely as you wouldn’t want to see your brick slips lying in a heap on the floor after the Artex has failed.

Brick slips are a great option when it comes to hiding other types of finishes on walls. Artex is old fashioned and difficult to hide without removing it completely or laying brick slips over the top of them. However, you have to make sure that it is safe to remove if you take that option but once you do begin to install  your brick slips, you’ll instantly notice that they look much better than old-fashioned Artex!

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