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Can I Install My Own Brick Tiles?

Brick Slips And Brick Tiles being installedCan I Install Brick Tiles Myself?

Yes they can! Brick Tiles are very easy to install and are perfect for DIY enthusiasts to tackle because they are quick and simple to install not forgetting due to their rustic appearance mistakes are easily forgiven and blended.

Brick Tiles are one of the best way to add and create a feature wall within your home. Like with all renovations and decorations, Brick Tiles aren’t inexpensive which means it is important for home owners to look for ways to keep their costs down. One of the best ways to do this is by installing brick slips yourself.

Brick tiles offer the genuine look and feel of real brick which can seem daunting when asking your self Can I Fit Brick Tiles Myself? But we tell our customers to view them as tiles and nothing else. They are installed in almost the exact same fashion apart from needing to point them instead of grouting.

Some people mach choose to look at professionals to install their brick tiles and that is also completely fine but the option is there for a DIY install! Slips From Stock have a list of Approved Brick Slip Installers across the country should you seek professional involvement.


DIY Brick Slip installation

Brick Tiles are incredibly easy to install by yourself. In fact the most difficult element is the setting out (this refers to planning the brick tiles before fixing them to the wall) setting out is the most important element to ensure a level and symmetric finish to your new brick tile wall. Guidance on this can be found using our Brick Tile Installation Guide. Brick Tiles are installed as you would tiles, for example you would draw your line on the wall for the centres, prime the walls, mix adhesive, apply the adhesive, fix the brick tiles and then point them, once you have laid your first row of Brick Tiles you will be a pro yourself!

The main benefit of installing Brick Tiles yourself is the cost of labour. labour can not only be costly but also difficult to find and this is a good reason as to why many customers choose to install their own brick tiles.

Along with our guidance pages, we also supply all the tools and materials one could need for a DIY brick tile install. all of our products have been tested in all applicable applications and we provide a 25 Year Warranty on the brick slips when used with out accessories!

A few of the key considerations when asking Can I Do Brick Slips Myself are listed below:

  • Get The Adhesive Right – we recommend using our slip-fix adhesive for fixing the brick tiles to your desired surface, this cement based adhesive ensures the stronger possible bond and will prevent your brick tiles failing.
  • Get The Surface Ready – The surface that you choose to install your brick slips to is incredibly important. Not only does it need to be clean and free from debris, it also needs to be structurally sound and able to carry the weight of the installed brick tiles. If you have any doubt feel free to get in touch with our team of experts for advice.
  • Do not dot and dab. It is a really bad method to use as it creates hollow spots and it will eventually fail which as well as being costly could also cause harm. You want 100% coverage behind each brick tile we advise applying the adhesive to the wall using a 3-6mm trowel and then back buttering the brick tiles.

Check out our full range of Brick Tiles below to get your project started!


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