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Getting The Right Amount Of Corner Brick Slips For Your Project

How Many Corner Brick Slips Will I Need?

Brick Tile CornerAs with all DIY jobs or projects, you will need to plan and calculate the materials that you need. You don’t want to under order as you will find that your project stalls while waiting for delivery of more items while over ordering will mean that you spend too much money. Therefore, you should make sure that you measure up and work out how much you require and this is especially true when it comes to brick slip corners.

How Do You Know When You Need Corner Brick Slips?

You won’t always need brick slip corners and this is true if you are fitting brick slips to a flat wall, such as a feature wall that has internal corners. However, if you are fitting brick slips to a pillar, chimney breast or a wall with external corners, then you will need brick slip corners.

What Are Corner Brick Slips?

Brick slip corners are an absolute must if you want to achieve a natural looking finish to your wall. As we see on most homes, they have their bricks laid in a standard way which is known as the stretcher bond. When you look at the external corners of a house, you will notice that with each row of bricks, the last brick in the row will have the end of the brick exposed. This is the look that you need to achieve when fitting brick slips in your home and this is where brick slip corners are extremely useful.

So, How Many Brick Slip Corners Will I Need?

As we have already mentioned, brick slip corners will only be needed if you are covering an external corner, so you won’t need them for internal corners. Brick slip corners are L shaped, making them easy to fit on external corners, helping to create the look of a full brick. However, you are going to need to measure them correctly to ensure that you order the right amount while you should also remember to order 10% more than you actually need to cover breakages or damaged brick slip corners.

To begin measuring, you will need to measure the height of the wall and the width of the wall. If the wall is 2.2 metres high, you will need to divide that by the height of the brick slip corners that you are ordering. Furthermore, the corner brick slips will also cover the area that you are covering using flat brick slips, so you should remove one square metre for every four linear metres of corners required. This should enable you to determine how much you need to order, ensuring you get it right the first time.

Laying brick slips and Corner Brick Slips is a job that you should do in one go where possible. This will ensure you avoid wasting adhesive and can plan accordingly, so it makes sense to take the time measuring what you need to help you achieve that perfect finish.

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