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Corner Brick Tiles

Brick Tile Corner

Not everything in life can be perfect, but your brick slip project can be! By using a brick tile corner you can keep the realism of the feature wall. It will enhance the whole façade of having a genuine brick wall. So ditch the butt joints and treat yourself to some brick slip corners today!

Corner Brick Tile Specifications

As our brick tile corner are cut from the same bricks our brick slips are made from, they have the same height and width. Our brick slips are are 215mm long and 65mm high. Then with a corner brick tile you have a 102.5mm return. These are specially designed to help you 90 degree corners with ease. Whilst they are normally used in external brick slip projects, there are uses for brick tile corner inside your home as well. Normally people will use them around brick slip fireplaces, windows or door arches. To cover 1 linear meter you will need 14 corner brick tile. So make sure to take this into account when calculating how many boxes of slips you’ll need. You will also find our free brick slip calculator useful for doing your calculations. Note that our calculator, gives answers based on a flat wall.

Use Of Corner Pieces

A brick tile corner is extremely useful if there are two walls meeting in your project. Because the corner piece will allow them to join together naturally. This helps you keep up the illusion of a genuine brick wall. This however, would not be possible if you were to butt joint your brick slips. Butt jointing is when you use two standard brick slips and have them meet at the corner. As opposed to using a purpose made brick tile corner. A big part of choosing brick slips is to give the illusion of an exposed brick wall. Without the use of a brick tile corner this will be near impossible to achieve if there is a turn in your project. You may want to check out our installation guide for further advice on working with brick slip corners. It will certainly help to put your mind at ease!

Contact Us For Brick Slip Enquires

Our sales team can help you with your choice of brick slip and can also assist with working the quantities that you require for your project out also, including Slip-Fix adhesive and Slip-Point mortar. Feel free to use our brick slip calculator on our site. Or, for more complex projects, please send your drawings over to sales@slipsfromstock.com and a member of the estimating team will respond within 24 hours. For large trade customers, we recommend visiting TBS Cladding Solutions. We want to thank you for choosing Slips From Stock as your brick slip supplier! So once your slips have been installed post them on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll add you to a raffle for a chance to win an Amazon voucher!  We are experts on all things brick slips and also offer a FREE brick slip matching service. Simply email us at sales@slipsfromstock.com or call us at 01889 227183.

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