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Cost Of Brick Slips Vs Real Clay Bricks

Cost of Brick Slips


The cost of brick slips compared to real clay bricks is a logical comparison to make before embarking on your renovation journey.

Are Brick Slips Cheaper Then Real Bricks?

Some may assume that, because they are smaller than bricks, the cost of brick slips would also be less. However, it is important to factor in the additional manufacturing required to create a slip. Traditional clay bricks are fired in a kiln and after a quality check the main bulk of the work is done. Whereas with brick slips, after the brick has been fired in the kiln, the faces of the brick are then cut off by hand. This necessity for additional craftsmanship, means the cost of brick slips can be slightly higher than that of traditional bricks. So in conclusion, when asking Are Brick Slips Cheaper Then Real Brick the answer is no and it is due to the extra manufacturing that is required in addition to the waste created.

Reclaimed brick slips can sometimes be a cheaper alternative. This is because these bricks have been recycled and salvaged from previous buildings. We have an article on these that may be of interest to you. As well as reclaimed slips, our clearance slips are available at a discounted price. With our clearance slips it is not possible to order free samples on these. For further information click here and read our blog, giving you a detailed explanation.

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