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Create the Perfect Vintage Fireplace - Fireplace Brick Slips

Create the Perfect Vintage Fireplace – Fireplace Brick Slips

Brick Slips are perfect If you own a period property or you simply want to transform the look of your home by giving it a traditional look and feel then you might be wondering how to do this. Sure, there are many interior design ideas for you to follow but if you have a fireplace, then you have the ideal place to begin your design journey by using fireplace brick tiles.

Go back in time to around 100 years ago and youd have seen that the fireplace was the heart of the home. In Victorian homes and other period properties, you will find that fireplaces are constructed using the same brick as your home. It would have been fired up during winter to keep the house warm and also used to heat water, making it the old-fashioned equivalent of central heating just without Brick Tiles.

So, if we bring ourselves back to the modern-day, while we might use central heating to keep us warm and give us hot water, it seems as though we no longer require fireplaces in the same way that we once did. Despite this, why should we cast them aside and make them a forgotten part of the home when you can transform them and give them a completely new lease of life by giving them a vintage look with the use of Brick Slips .

Fireplace Brick Slips

Creating a Vintage Look

Lets be honest, traditional fireplaces are no longer made and that now makes them highly desirable. What this means is that our Brick Slips can give your fireplace a completely new look. Using your creativity and flair, you can create a vintage fireplace look in the easiest possible way.

As well as looking at Fireplace Brick Slips. It’s important not to forget the easier and quicker method that is Fireplace Brick Panels. These panels comes pre-made and can be installed in as little as 1 hour!

Modern design is playing around with different looks so you can often see modern themes blended with traditional touches. Therefore, youll commonly see modern homes with traditional furniture or traditional homes with modern furniture. When you opt to create a vintage fireplace, you will give your home a centrepiece and a place that symbolises the old-fashioned meaning of a home. Whatever the style of fireplace you might have, using Brick Slips will give you the freedom to capture your dream look.

A fireplace and the feature wall doesn’t have to stop and start there, most customers choose to incorporate the whole chimney breast in to their project. One of the most popular brick slips for this is our Old Althrone brick slips. A beautiful combination of reds with weathered hues.

old althorne brick slip kitchen

What Brick Slips Are Best?

If you want our opinion, if you want a vintage-looking fireplace then you have to opt for a red-styled brick slip and the good news is that we have many different options available. Of course, if you want it to look more vintage then you want something weathered and reclaimed-looking. The Cottage Mixture Brick Slips are a great option as well as the Old Coach House Brick Slips whilst the Traditional Red Blend will certainly create that perfect look.

As well as what brick slips are best for the fireplace, it is worth noting that we do have a purpose made product which is our Fireplace Brick Panels.

Will Brick Slips Actually Look Real?

Absolutely, this is because our Brick Slips are made using real bricks and that means that they are the real thing. Once installed, you would not be able to tell the difference between an installation of full bricks and an installation of brick slips and thats what makes them so unique.

So, if you feel inspired to transform your fireplace, take a look at our range of Brick Slips and begin the process of creating that perfect vintage fireplace.

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