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How To Create The Perfect Feature Wall

Get Your Brick Slip Feature Wall Right

Feature walls have been a prominent part of home design for some time and with the introduction of brick slips to this sector its getting even more popular and it doesn’t look as though the trend is going anywhere any time soon. Some people simply have the knack when it comes to interior design while others need inspiration and guidance which is fine and ensures they get what they want. If you don’t have that creative streak and want to find out whether a feature wall will work or what kind of feature wall you want, then you need some help and inspiration.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting inspiration or needing it for that matter. It’s the reason why you’ll see people wandering around that large famous Swedish furniture store every day because ultimately, they need help. Whether you are completely transforming your room or looking to add something different, a feature all is going to make a huge difference but what will you need to consider when the time comes?

Iced Grey Brick Tile Feature Wall

Why Choose a Brick Slip Feature Wall?

A room can contain many elements such as colours, features and furnishings and bringing them all together can mean introducing a feature wall. So, if a feature wall is something that you are considering, a Brick Slip or Brick Tile feature wall is going to work brilliantly in any space that you have available. 

Many people might overlook Brick Slips or Brick Tiles because they are slightly different but once you see them working as a feature wall, it is clear to see just why they work so well. 

They bring an element of texture to the wall and with that comes something unique which is different from wallpaper, paint or any other kind of feature. It will inject character, personality and bring the room to life, giving it a feeling of uniqueness that simply defines your space. 

However, the design, styles and colours you choose are entirely down to your preference but that’s your call. However, what you can rely on is the fact that Brick Slips are going to completely transform your space. 

Choosing the Right Colours

The good news is that Brick Slips and Brick tiles are available in a range of colours, so this can range from modern to traditional and contemporary, giving you the scope to find something that fits with your needs. What this means is that you can choose something that works with your colour.

If you have a room that is packed with natural light and natural tones, then you can opt for a traditional looking brick slip or tile and even go dark if that’s something that you can work with. If you have a modern, sleek room, then you can find grey and white options that will keep your design consistent but also create a focal point that jumps out at people. 

Both Brick Slips and Tiles are highly versatile. Whether you live in a Victorian property, a modern new build or a 70s style property, they can inject style that seamlessly enables your room to take on a new identity.

Modern designs are known for sharp lines and crisp looks and most modern homes are now going down this route, mainly because new properties don’t contain traditional features. Turn to an older property and you’ll discover alcoves, fireplaces and chimney breasts, all of which can be worked in any way you wish by using Brick Slips and Brick Tiles. Whether it’s a confined, cosy space or an open plan design, Brick Slips will work in almost any space, adding colour, texture, style and functionality.

Follow Your Instinct

Your home is yours and that’s what really matters. If you are looking to introduce a Brick Slip or Brick Tile feature wall, then follow your instinct because that is more likely to work for you in the longer term. Of course, you want to make sure that you spend time focusing on the colours and ensuring they work together but it’s important to make sure that your home feels like your home.

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