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Are Brick Slips A Good Investment?

Old Coach House Brick Slips Cladding Project 1Boost The Value Of Your Home With Brick Slips

The property market has seen a big boost during the Covid-19 pandemic as prices have risen as a result of an increase in demand. So, if you are thinking of taking advantage of rising prices and want to get the best possible price for your home, then it might be time to think about making some changes.

There is no denying that those properties that are well-maintained and well-finished achieve better prices than those that are not. We all need to make improvements to our home because that is one of the things that comes with owning a property. As soon as you finish spending out on one part of the home, you find that another has a problem. However, if you want to impress potential buyers then it’s time to do something really big and impressive.

Install brick slips!

Give Your Home a Unique Look

While brick slips are hugely popular, not many homes on the market have them installed. What this means is that by installing brick slips, you are giving your property the chance to appeal to more people. Whether it’s a love of brick slips or intrigue, they are going to turn heads which means that you are likely to get more people through the door. This will increase the chances of selling your home and you might even find that your property becomes part of a bidding war, which can mean an increase in the agreed selling price.

When considering if brick slips boost the value of your home there are many aspects to look at! For example, if you have a dated finish to the exterior of your home such as concrete render, PVC panels or pebble dash, brick slips can make your home look modern and give it a completely new appearance and this is what can help boost the value of the home astronomical, in addition internal brick slips will do the same.

Make it Visually Appealing

Even if people are unaware of what brick slips are or have not noticed them in your estate agent photos, then once they see them in your home, they will fall in love with them. It’s the way that they pull a space together, create something special and stand out that people love. Prospective buyers are certainly going to be lured in by your new brick slips, which gives you even more of a reason to install them.

Add Character

This is particularly true if you live on a new development where the houses are all the same. The aim is to show people why your home is worth more and worth buying. If your house is exactly the same as your neighbours, then the one that sells first is likely to be down to luck and timing. However, when you install brick slips, you are helping your home to stand out against other comparable homes. What’s more, as it will be slightly different, you have every reason to ask for more money. 

It’s About Looks

People want to move into a home that is ready to live in. They want a home that is smart and modern. This is where brick slips really earn their value because you can create an inviting home that makes people want to live there and that’s the real difference.

So, don’t wait around hoping to sell your home for the best price. Do something different and install brick slips because that will help you to ask for more for your home.

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