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How Realistic Do Brick Slips Look

Old Coach House Brick SlipsDo brick slips look realistic?

Yes incredibly so but this depends on the type of Brick Slips. Our slips are made from real clay bricks. This means we cut our brick slips from a real brick giving a 100% authentic aesthetic in addition to a like for like texture. Compare to many other products such as wallpaper and brick tiles. There is no comparison.

How do our Brick Slips look so realistic?

It’s really easy. Whilst some other suppliers (no names mentioned) offer cheaper brick slips. Generally these are pre-casted and most pre-casted brick slips are done so using plaster. Whilst great and a light weight option for creating Brick Slips, they do have their draw backs to include the aesthetic and texture. Plaster is very smooth to the touch and that is echoed with pre-cast prick slips, The fine detail you would find on your house brick is not copied over to pre-cast brick slips. The same can be said about concrete brick slips. Whilst a better option then plaster you will still miss the texture of a real cal brick slip.

This is why Slips From Stock only provide high quality brick slips, our parents company TBS is one of the largest manufacturers and importers of bricks in the UK, we are then transferred these world known bricks such as the London Weathered Yellow and Old Coach House and cut the facings from the brick giving you a completely real brick finish just thinner!

So yes when it comes to Slips From Stock the Brick Slips couldn’t be any more realistic if we tried. Cut from the brick and delivered to your door. To see our full range of Real Clay Brick Slips head to the below button and start shopping now.


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