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Brick Tiles - Do They Need Pointing?

Brick Tiles And Mortar


how do i point my brick slips upDo Brick Tiles need mortar? No not really but if you’re looking for an authentic brick finish we would always recommend using mortar.

Brick Tiles need mortar for installation. According to the installation guides provided by various sources, the process of installing brick tiles involves applying adhesive and mortar to the wall and the back of the brick tiles, pressing the Brick Tiles into place, and then using a pointing trowel to finish the mortar and clean up any excess before it dries. The most common types of mortar used for brick slips are cement mortar and sand-lime mortar. Cement mortar is stronger than sand-lime mortar, but also more expensive. The mortar should be applied when the brick tiles are still slightly damp. If you wait until they dry out completely, the mortar will crack.

If you wish to opt for a “floating” brick tile wall then you would simply install the brick tiles using adhesive and spacers. Once dried you would remove the spacers and the process would end there. For a more natural finish you would point your brick tiles once installed.

We supply a range of mortar with a colour choice of Natural grey and Chalk White. depending on personal preference. We also recommend using a pointing gun to point the brick tiles which makes it that bit easier and quicker.

Now you know wether you do or don’t need to point brick tiles your next step is to order your Brick Tiles which you can do below.


Brick Tiles

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