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Preparation When It Comes To Brick Slips

Do I Need to Sand Walls Before Fitting Brick Slips?

When it comes to installing brick slips to a wall, proper preparation is key to ensure a long-lasting and professional-looking finish. While there are a few important steps to follow before installing to a wall, sanding the walls is not always a necessary step. Let’s explore the factors that come into play when deciding whether or not to sand walls before fitting your brick slips.

Assess the Condition of the Walls

The first step is to assess the condition of the walls you plan to have brick slips on. If the walls are relatively smooth, free from cracks, bumps, and imperfections, sanding may not be required. Newer walls or walls that have already been finished with a smooth texture are likely to be suitable for fitting brick slips without sanding.

However, if your walls have a rough texture, uneven surfaces, or paint that is peeling or chipping, sanding might be necessary. Sanding can help create a smooth and even surface for the adhesive to bond to. It can also remove any loose or damaged paint that could interfere with the slip installation.

Benefits of Sanding Walls Before Fitting Brick Slips

While not always required, there are some benefits to sanding walls before installing. These include:

Improved Adhesion: Sanding the walls can create a rougher surface for the adhesive to grip onto, resulting in better adhesion and a stronger bond between the brick slips and the wall.

Leveling: In some cases, sanding can help level out minor imperfections in the wall surface, creating a more even substrate for slips. This can be especially useful when dealing with walls that are slightly uneven or have bumps and ridges.

Paint Removal: If the walls have peeling or chipped paint, sanding can help remove these areas. A smooth and stable surface is crucial for a successful tile installation, and sanding can ensure that the paint won’t pose any issues later on.

When Not to Sand Walls Before Fitting Brick Slips

While sanding can be beneficial in certain situations, there are instances where it may be unnecessary. These include:

Smooth Walls: If your walls are already smooth and in good condition, sanding may not be necessary. In this case, a thorough cleaning of the walls to remove any dust, grease, or dirt might be sufficient preparation.

Gypsum or Plasterboard Walls: If your walls are made of gypsum or plasterboard, sanding can damage the delicate surface. Instead, it is recommended to use a primer or sealer specifically designed to promote adhesion for installing directly onto these surfaces.

Alternative Preparation Methods

If you decide that sanding is not necessary for your specific wall surfaces, there are alternative preparation methods that can be utilized. These include:

Cleaning: Ensure the walls are clean and free from any dust, grease, or debris that may interfere with the brick slip adhesive. Use a mild detergent and warm water to remove any residues.

Priming: Applying a primer designed for brick slips can improve the bond between the wall and the adhesive. Primers can also help seal porous surfaces and prevent moisture penetration.

Fillers: If you have minor imperfections on the walls, using a suitable filler can help level them out. Ensure the filler is completely dry and sanded smooth before proceeding with fitting.


Sanding walls before installing brick slips can be beneficial in certain situations, but it is not always necessary. Assessing the condition of the walls and deciding whether sanding is required is an important step in the installation process. Remember, if your walls are already smooth and in good condition, alternatives like cleaning, priming, or using fillers may be sufficient for proper wall preparation. Ultimately, following the manufacturer’s instructions and seeking advice from professionals will ensure a successful brick slip project.

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