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Using Our Free Samples To Create A Mood Board

Create A Mood Board and Find the Right Brick Slips With Our Free Samples

Your home is personal to you and so should your Brick Slips. It’s the place where you find peace and the place that becomes an extension of you. With this comes the need to find inspiration when it comes to your decor and design. Every room around the home has a different identity. From a child’s bedroom which is playful and inviting to the adult bedroom which is relaxing and comforting, they are all designed differently. You’ve then got the living room which is the place where you unwind after a day in the office or the kitchen which is the place where you cook and sip wine during the weekend – you get the picture, every room becomes its own.

However, finding out what works is not just a case of spending money and hoping that it works because that could end in failure. Of course, where you choose to use paint, if the colour doesn’t work then a new tin of paint will do the job while keeping your savings intact. Despite all of this if you are looking to achieve a completely new look, it’s important that you take your time and consider what works and what doesn’t. It requires trial and error and it requires the right approach that gives you an idea of how everything works together such as a mood board on in the case of Brick Slips – Sample Boards.

You may have heard about mood boards but you might never have heard of them at all but when it comes to Brick Slips, sample board comparison can really work wonders. and with Slips From Stock you can order four free sample panels.

Why a Sample Board?

When it comes to identifying what Brick Slips will work for your home, you can be sure that a mood board will make a huge difference in the overall outcome. It’s something that we suggest when deciding on what works best for your home. We love the fact that our customers can let their creativity flow when considering our Brick Slips and with that comes endless possibilities. Of course, our homes and each room are a clear reflection of who we are and what we want from our homes.

Creating the perfect home requires passion and desire because making the right decisions can take time. Through visualisation and testing ideas, it’s possible to see what would work and this is where a mood board can help the design process. 

In the professional world, mood boards have proved to be extremely crucial in helping designers achieve the perfect look and now it can become a part of your design process when choosing the ideal look for your home.

Where Do You Begin?

When you are starting a Brick Slip project, a mood board is the perfect place to begin but before you do begin, there are some questions to ask yourself. 

  • What colours make you happy?
  • Where will the Brick Slips be used?
  • What look do you want to achieve?
  • What feelings do you want when you use the room?

After considering the answers to these questions and thinking about what you really want, you can begin the process. Are you looking for a blend of modern and rustic or do you want a sleek look with lighter tones? At this point, you should be bringing together swatches and samples of Brick Slips, paint colours and fabrics as well as any flooring samples that you might be considering. The aim is to create the look of a room within a mood board.

Creating Your Mood Board With Brick Slip Samples

Now that you have all of the colours, textures, swatches and Brick Slips, your mood board can begin to come to life. Setting everything out on a board and fixing them in place will enable you to have a clear idea of how it will all work within your chosen space.

However, the great thing about creating a Brick Slip mood board is the way in which you can play around with colours and looks while also asking for input from others. Eventually, you’ll discover just how to make Brick Slips an integral part of your home!

Below you can order brick slip samples and see images of some of our best sellers.

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