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External Brick Slips To Decorate The Garden

Garden Brick Slips

The great thing about Garden Brick Slips is the way in which they provide an impressive level of versatility. While you might think that they are ideal for around the home (which they are of course), they are also suitable for use outside. With this comes endless possibilities because they can transform any outdoor space. They can help you create separated areas of a garden, allow you to inject some character and give you the potential to get creative. With this in mind, how can you use Brick Slips around the garden?

London Weathered Yellow External Project

Brick Slips For A Pizza Oven

Is there anything better than a freshly prepared pizza that’s made outside, in a pizza oven? Not much comes close but more people are starting to undertake their own pizza oven garden projects. While some choose to build them themselves, many turn to builders to create something useful in their garden. However, once the oven has been built, why not choose to clad it with Brick Slips? They are waterproof, durable and will create a great look and finish to your pizza oven.

Clad Your Outdoor Porch With Brick Slips

Many homes will have an open porch area which can be quite characterless but you don’t have to settle for mediocre if you have one yourself. Many of these porches are built after the original property was built which means that in some instances, they don’t quite fit with the look of the property but that can change. There is a massive range of Brick Slips available and that means that you can create a feature porch or you can attempt to blend your porch in with the overall design of your home. Either way, with a massive variety of Brick Slips to choose from, you can bring out your creative side.

Create a Private Space Under Your Pergola

Pergolas are installed in gardens to create a place where you can sit and relax under the stars or away from the searing summer sun. However, if your pergola has been installed in the corner of a garden then you can choose to use Brick Slips to make the space feel separate from the rest of the property. Whether you include an outdoor table and chairs or comfortable seating where you can relax, creating a haven of tranquillity that feels away from the property will give it its own character.

Create a Unique Barbecue

The BBQs are often rolled out once the summer arrives but why bother with a portable barbecue when you can build your own? Using blocks, you can create your barbecue in a size that’s perfect for catering for your small family or big enough for summer get-togethers but whatever you choose, you can transform that boring blockwork into something completely stunning. Keep it traditional with the London Weathered Yellow Brick Slips or go modern with the Iced Grey Brick Slips. Whatever you choose, you can make your barbecue stand out and turn it into a focal point of your garden.

Design the Perfect Hot Tub Setting

Hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular but instead of positioning one in the middle of your patio, why not get creative with the surrounding space? You can create a space that becomes a relaxing place to be, which makes chilling out under the stars even more appealing. If space allows, it makes sense to make your hot tub feel as though it has its own space within the garden and Brick Slips can provide this if you are creating its own designated area

Build a Feature Wall Using Brick Slips

If you are building a basic block wall to separate different areas of your garden then you can get creative and use Brick Slips to give your wall that authentic yet smart appearance. Go modern, go traditional or keep it sleek with the range of Brick Slips on offer but you have the scope to let your creativity go wild.

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