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Give Your Garage Conversion the Red Brick Slip Treatment

Give Your Garage Conversion the Red Brick Slip Treatment

Brick Slips And Garages! Garages are nothing more than glorified sheds these days, especially as modern cars barely fit into most garages. So, they become places where we store items and rubbish that needs to be disposed of but you choose to leave until another day. Essentially, the garage becomes a part of the home that you need to keep on top of because it will eventually become nothing more than a pile of tools, equipment and rubbish.

However, more people are now looking to add value to their home and gain extra space by converting their garage. This means that they can create another sitting room, a place where the kids can play or a place where you can enjoy a hobby such as playing an instrument or even painting. Whatever your needs, if you are converting your garage, you might want to think about installing red brick slips to add a touch of style and we’re about to explain how you can put them to good use.

When you consider both brick slips and/or a brick slip finish, it is most often thought of with Fireplaces and Chimney and that generally is the case with our Fireplace Brick Panels. But these products are not exclusive to the fire surround. Our Brick Slips can be used throughout the home

Excellent Sound Insulation

Your garage will either be joined to your home or detached from the property but either way, brick slips can really make a difference when it comes to reducing noise. Whether it’s ensuring the noise from inside does not disturb others or the noise from outside does not disturb those inside, brick slips can help. So, just by installing Red Brick Slips, you can improve sound insulation which will please anyone who uses your newly converted garage.

Create an Industrial Looking Space

Brick slips are hugely popular because of the way in which they create an industrial look at a relatively small cost. If you have a breeze block garage then you’ll realise just how basic and simple it can look. However, if you install red brick slips, you can retain that industrial look and give your space a unique look and feel.

Improved Insulation

Many garages are single skinned which means that they only have one layer of blocks on external walls. This can mean that the cold air can permeate the blockwork and leave your garage feeling cold. At a time when energy prices are skyrocketing, it is important that you insulate your garage as much as possible. So, with standard insulation as well as brick slips, you are going to improve insulation and ensure that you keep the cold air out and warm air in.

Create a Flexible Room

It doesn’t matter whether you use your garage conversion to watch TV, keep the teenagers entertained or play your favourite instrument, the reality is that brick slips are so flexible that they work in any space. If you decorate a room for young children and choose the colours they love, we are certain you’ll be decorating again in a few years as their taste changes. However, with brick slips, you have a solution that works for all ages and all tastes. It’s flexible and is loved by grown ups and teenagers trying to impress their friends!


We have plenty of options when it comes to red brick slips, these include but are not limited to our Old Althrone Brick Slips, Old Coach House Brick Slips and Rosewood Brick Slips all of which are popular options from our Red Brick Slip range.


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