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How Brick Tiles Can Bring a Room to Life

How Brick Tiles Can Bring a Room to Life

For some reason, certain rooms can feel relatively lifeless. It doesn’t matter whether you add bright colours and plenty of style because a lack of character or light can negatively impact a room. Whether it comes to design, there are plenty of options to choose from but you can always look at brick tiles and consider that a feasible option. If this is the case, and you are thinking about installing it, it might be time to learn about how it can bring a room to life.

brick tiles for kitchen splashbacks

Its About a Feature

Certain properties have plenty of features such as older homes that have ornate fireplaces and architecturally beautiful windows. Then you have new properties that do tend to lack character and any kind of feature because the rooms can look nothing more than an empty shell. However, if you opt for brick tiles or brick slips, you can add a feature in the easiest possible way. We’re not talking about a painted or wallpapered feature wall but a wall that looks as though it has real exposed bricks. This is a great way of giving a bland and empty space a feature that oozes character.

Go For Colour

You might prefer the traditional orange or red brick look but if you prefer something more clinical, you can go for white or grey. Whatever colour you go for, you can inject colour with ease using brick tiles. The texture and colour work perfectly together but you can go minimalistic or go all-out traditional to add a unique colour with a twist.

Give your Fireplace a Lift

A fireplace is a beautiful centrepiece of any room but in some cases, they can look slightly out of place and awkward. This is especially true if you have gone for a modern decor because it detracts from the look. However, with brick slips or brick tiles, you can add a touch of modern style by using brick slips to bring the fireplace back into the modern world. It will breathe life into your home and show you just how versatile brick slips can be.

Birkdale Blend Herringbone brick slips Fireplace

Give Your Dining Room That Dining Look

We have all been in restaurants that have that industrial look with brick walls and contemporary decor. If that is the kind of look you love then you can create that in your own home. Add brick slips to one wall and your room will instantly feel and look different. You then have the scope to create a space that is purely for dining and actually looks like those restaurants that you find on the high street.

So, it is really easy to transform any room in your home by using brick slips. It is a versatile alternative to wallpaper and paint and once installed, you will find that they will remain a permanent fixture for many years to come. Order some samples and place them around your home and you will soon see the difference they make.

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