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Cleaning Brick Slips

How To Clean Brick Slips

We understand that Brick Slips look amazing once they are installed, after all, it’s the reason why so many people are choosing to install them over other options out there. However, we also understand that over time, they can become tired looking because of simple wear and tear. While we all want to keep our Brick Slips looking their best all of the time, it’s simply not possible because whether it’s messy children, pets or just general dirt or grime, they can become tired looking but all of that can change. After all, they have a unique surface texture which also means that they can attract dirt but there is a way to deal with this. However, what we will say is that it is important that you do clean them regularly to ensure the dirt is fully removed. 

The good news is that cleaning your Brick Slips is simple and quick and we are going to show you how to clean them, enabling you to bring them back to life. So, this method of cleaning is one that dates back to Victorian times and it does work. 

So, to get the job done, you will need the following:

  • Duster
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sponge, cloth or rag
  • Wire brush
  • Salt
  • Bucket
  • Washing liquid or mild detergent

Begin the process by ensuring that your Brick Slips have been vacuumed and dusted as this will help to completely remove any dust or dirt that has collected on the surface of the Brick Slips.


Next up, you will need to take the detergent and mix one part with one part of table sale before mixing with water to make a paste that is flexible. 

Now take your sponge or cloth and use it to apply the cleaning solution to the Brick Slips. You can then begin to clean the wall with the wire brush, taking your time. Once you are finished, you can then leave the solution on to work for around 15 minutes.

Once 15 minutes has passed, you can then use a wet sponge or cloth to remove the cleaning solution. It’s recommended that you rinse the sponge regularly to remove the solution. Once you have finished, ensure you have removed all of the cleaning solution and if you should notice any more of it remaining once it has dried, using a scrubbing brush or a cloth to remove it.

If you have chosen to paint your Brick Slips, then it is recommended that you do not follow the guide above as this could result in your removing the paint. However, it is worth checking the paint manufacturer to see if they have provided any cleaning instructions.

Additional Cleaning Information

If your Brick Slips are located in an area where they might get splashed, dirty or soiled, then you might want to consider sealing them. When you seal them, you will be placing a clear coat on top of the Brick Slips that will help to protect them. There are several sealants available and they will not only protect but they will keep your Brick Slips looking their best as they will give them a sheen and enhance the colour. Furthermore, they will also become easier to clean as any dirt or grime will sit on the sealant as opposed to finding its way into the surface of the brick.

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