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What material is used to install brick cladding

Slips From Stock are committed to ensuring all of our customers have plenty of options when it comes to our adhesive for fixing brick cladding to your walls. All of these are listed below. Brick Cladding is usually attached to walls using a cement-based adhesive. We supply our own brand (and tested) Slip-Fix Adhesive specifically designed for brick cladding. The adhesive is applied to the wall and back of the brick cladding, which is then pressed onto the wall surface. The adhesive should be applied using a tile trowel with a depth of 3-6mm. It is important to choose an adhesive that is suitable for the type of wall surface and the environment in which the brick cladding will be installed.

What do you stick brick cladding on with? Slips From Stock have specifically designed an adhesive to Stick Brick Cladding to both internal and external walls. As with all of our brick cladding, our adhesive has been tried and tested on both internal and external walls which allows us to offer our customers a 25 Year Warranty.

We offer 3 different types of adhesive to fix brick cladding to walls and floors.

Slip-Fix Adhesive – This is traditional cement based adhesive and supplied in a powder form. Once mixed with water this adhesive becomes a slurried consistency allowing you to spread it tooth the wall and the brick cladding. It has been designed to work with all of our brick cladding and all surfaces such as plasterboard, cement board, block, brick and wood.

SlipFix Brick Slip Adhesive

Slip-Fix Tube – This adhesive is designed for those really small projects where a bag or tub of adhesive we prove wasteful. In addition, this is applied slightly differently by using a caulking gun and squirting the adhesive on the back of the brick cladding. This adhesive allows the Brick Cladding to be stuck to all surfaces including plastic and metal.

TBS Slip Grab Adhesive For Brick Slips And Brick Tiles 290ml

Slip-Fix Tub – This special adhesive actually works as a 2 in 1 product allowing you to fix the Brick Cladding and also point the brick cladding within one ready-mixed product. Again ideal for small projects or those looking for a slightly easier and less messy alternative to powdered adhesive.



You can shop our full range of Brick cladding below. In addition should you need any further advice on What do you stick brick cladding on with. Feel free to get in to get in touch with us.

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