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How to Style Brick Tiles

How to Style Brick Tiles

Whether you are installing brick tiles on your floors or walls, they are going to transform your home and give it a completely new look and feel. They are versatile and flexible which is why so many people are now realising their benefits more than ever. However, if you are looking to add them to your home, how can  you style them?

Use Mixed Materials

With brick tiles comes the ability to mix things up. You should feel bold and brave to experiment with different textures and materials. With brick tiles (also know as brick slips), you can create that tough look but then soften this with light tones, rugs and different furnishings.

Add a Touch of Gold

Gold is all the rage at the moment and so are geometric designs so bring the two together and you’ll capture the most amazing look. The great thing about brick tiles is that you can use them to bring different shapes and styles together. Opt for gold accessories that add a touch of elegance and wealth and that can come in the form of mirrors, sideboards and even fittings because they will all complement the look and finish that comes with brick tiles.

Go With Black and Keep It Bold

If you want to create a dramatic effect then you can always introduce black as one of the main colours of your space. If you have opted for grey or white tiles then you have the scope and the freedom to add in black to make a bold statement. Again, you could add in some gold here to break up the black but black has made a bit of a comeback when it comes to interior design, so it would be rude not to consider it when it comes to styling your brick tiles. The aim is to make your tiles stand out and that’s exactly what black will do.

Play it Simple

Not everything has to be overly complicated and you can keep things simple when you install brick tiles. Whether you go for whites, reds or greys, you can make your brick slips the main focal point of your room by keeping everything else around it as simple as possible. Keep the design minimal and opt for simple colour or stick with one colour scheme. Sometimes, you don’t have to go crazy with the colours because less is more.

Go Industrial

If you like the industrial look then there is no reason why you cannot keep that look throughout the space where you are installing your brick tiles. Capture those industrial finishes with brass pipework and even opt to install large industrial radiators too. 

Brick tiles are unique but they enable you to capture a whole range of looks based on your needs. Keep things simple, opt for something edgy and think outside of the box. However you look at it, brick tiles are a perfect addition to any space and once you install them, you’ll soon realise just how much of an impact they have.

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