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Stretchers And Corners! Your best friend when it comes to fitting brick slips

When one thinks of brick slips the first thing that comes to mind is a standard flat brick looking slip. And in many cases, that is all that is needed. boxes upon boxes of brick slips to create that perfect feature wall.

However for some, special shape brick slips are required for example if your tackling a corner or reveal, you don’t want to ruin the pattern or cut brick slips where they should be cut and have joins or gaps in the brick work. After all your brick slip wall should reflect that perfectly of a traditional brick wall.

Below is a brief introduction to both corners and stretchers which play a role when it comes to getting that perfect finish in awkward spaces or shapes such as Windows, Chimneys, Doors etc.

Corner Brick Slips

So, What Are Brick Slip Corners?

Brick slip corners are L shaped bricks that are designed to fit neatly around external corners. In order to make them, the face of the brick is cut along the length and then around the end and it is this finish that creates the L shape.

Where Are They Used?

Brick slip corners are vital if you want to create an authentic-looking brick finish, which is what brick slips are designed for. As a result, brick slip corners are made to go around external corners. They are also used on pillars, chimney breasts, boxed in pipework,  windows with a recess, doors with a recess as well as sills and ledges.

How Do You Use Them?

When you undertake a brick slip project, we recommend that you always start with the corner tiles. This will enable you to create a perfect stretcher bond look as they will have alternating sizes. If you are tiling a pillar or chimney breast, you will need to work out how the bond pattern will look from there and whether you will need to cut any pieces. It is, therefore, recommended that you do a dry run as this will make it possible for you to see what fits without actually fitting them to the wall.


Stretcher Brick Slips (Reveals)

The Stretcher Reveal brick tiles especially designed to be used on horizontal openings such as at the top of window reveals and arches, these allow you to navigate both sides of your opening whilst still retaining the bond pattern, giving you a more real brickwork look to your project.

**Please note our stretcher reveals are SINGLE FACED this means that the under side of the stretcher is not brick faced. For those looking for a dual faced brick slip particularly if looking to create a soldier bond we would highly recommend checking out our Corner Brick Slips which are faced on the short and long side**

The stretcher side of our brick tiles are fully faced and textured the same as our standard slips, the reveal side will not have the same texture as the facing side, but will have the same colours and shades throughout.

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