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Kitchen Brick Tiles Available Now!

Kitchen Splashback with brick tiles

We have talked through the some of the different possibilities for where you could install your brick tiles. The possibilities are endless so it would be impossible to discuss them all. However, one of the more popular rooms for our brick tiles is in the kitchen. If this isn’t what you had in mind, we’ve still got you covered. We’ll go through other questions people also ask soon!

Which Kitchen Brick Tile Would Be Best For You?

There isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this question. There is a plethora of options for you to consider. You could try mixing two different brick slips into one wall. If you plan on doing this we recommend you check out one of our approved installers. Bespoke Brickwork specialises in blending two different types of brick slips together in a way that will give your kitchen the ‘wow’ factor you desire! Whatever your vision is for your kitchen we are sure it will look amazing!

Feature Wall Or Splashback?

When installing brick tiles in your kitchen, one of the key decisions to make is whether you go for a full feature wall or just a kitchen splash-back. Feel free to make your own choice when designing your kitchen. Our advice would be to go for a full brick tile feature wall in your kitchen. This is because if you install a full feature wall, it helps keep up the facade of a genuine brick wall. Which, at the end of the day, is he main purpose of brick tiles. By using kitchen brick tiles for a splash back you risk making it looking unnatural.

Contact Us For Brick Slip Enquires

We want to thank you for choosing Slips From Stock as your brick slip supplier! So once your slips have been installed post them on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll send you an Amazon voucher! Our team works tirelessly around the clock. We are experts on all things brick slips and also offer a FREE brick slip matching service. Simply email us at sales@slipsfromstock.com or call us at 01889 227183.

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