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Alternative to the normal red brick slips

Be Different When Using Brick Slips With Our Mixed Tone Options

When you think of brick slips, red is the general colour that comes to mind, it is the most popular choice when it comes to brick slips. However to be creative you must be bold! And with bold comes our mixed colour brick slips and aswe head into Autumn, now is the ideal time to consider your home and its style. As the sun goes down and things cozy up, why not take some inspiration from this wonderful time of year and begin thinking about adding colour to your home.

Options Of Mixed Colour Brick Slips


Middleton Blend Brick Slips

The Middleton Blend  is a new addition to our range, we think this is a great addition for those looking for a feature wall that will have an impact! The Middleton Blend brick slips have been designed to stand out from the crowd, with its subtle red base tone, and its Saxon gold highlights this really is a brick slip not to be missed! Based on a red clay these brick slips have the most colours within all of our ranges, from dusty oranges to vibrant purples the colour scheme these brick slip offer allows them to work anywhere both inside and outside the home.

Birkdale Blend Brick Slips

These Brick Slips are the perfect choice for those looking for a brick slip that is jam packed full of character! Wether it is a modern home or traditional barn, the Birkdale blend offers perfect autumn tones to add or enhance character to any property. The blend of these brick slips include, yellows, oranges, browns and dark hues that are enhanced with a salt wash to really give age to the brick slips.

Reclaimed Restoration Brick Slips

The Reclaimed Restoration is a reclaimed brick slips. with a mixture of colours which gives a very weathered and period finish for those seeking a traditional finish. The tones within the brick slips give off that warm inviting vibe to any project. The Reclaimed Restoration has been painstakingly blended to achieve a genuine reclaimed brick appearance, in both colour and texture.

Cottage Mixture Brick Slips

The Cottage Mixture is part of our reclaimed brick slip finish range! Boasting a blend of red and buff brick slips to offer a contrasting cottage mixture suitable for both modern and traditional homes. The Cottage mixture brick slips suit both our grey and white mortar and can be used throughout the home. These brick slips measure 215mm x 65 x 20mm are cut from brick, have a fire rating of A1 and are Frost Proof!


How To Decide If Im Making The Right Choice

We couldn’t make it any easier! Being the only brick slip supplier to provide free of charge samples (including no delivery charge) you can order two of the above mixed colour brick slip sample panels to make the choice yourself! 


View Our Mixed Colour Brick Slips Below

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